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And now for something different' ........

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Greetings, Hail and well met!!



Well you must be interested in Role Play or you would not have clicked to see more - so here is some info ....




Role Play is not dead! itis alive and kicking and it can be found at teh link above.


We are looking for people who enjoy Role Play, be thee a total newbie or a more seasoned writer. We have Role Play threads to join in with or you can create and/or moderate your own.


If you have never tried to Role Play before then we are here to help in a freindly and guiding way and have special threads just for new people to learn upon and enjoy. (You can also ask for a mentor to advise you).


We have a special Forum for One on One Role plays that will only involve two people Role Playing toegther to make a story. These are a good place to learn RP as there is not to much involvment with lots of other people.


AND we do not give people with poor writing skills a hard time! instead we encourage and help!


We also have our very own Role Play chanel within the EL game that is used for ((IC)) in character chat only :) and we will be hosting some 'live' Role Play events upon it soon.


I supose the best thing about this Role Play group (and chanel) is the fact that anyone is welcome no matter what guild you are in within EL, you dont have to leave your guild or even be in a guild. But you will have to get a forum account for the gorup and be aprooved :)


Well thats it for now but if you have any questions then please do ask and one of he groups members will reply


Tiz - GM of Guild ^ER^

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at last!!


I'll be there!!

Oh wait...*thinks* I am allready..:)



proud mistress of te Wiccans & Witches (W&W)

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Yes Jez you are already there lol


oh I nearly forgot - your dinner is ready, Gromli has cooked you some nice Gob brains and mushrooms :rolleyes:

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