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  1. Potion of Speed Hax

    As one of the people who missed this 1st time around from being out of game for a little while - yes please I would liek to try it out. Voted yes x 2 Drake
  2. Red Dragon Armour

    Ellow, I am selling my Red Dragon Armor (currently on Fidjit (Bot)) however if you wish to trade too I am looking for a White Dragon Helm and also a Crown of Mana link for Bot inventory & prices http://el.other-life.com/StoreBots/Fidjit/inventory.php PM me in game or Forum if you wish to trade (in game name Drake)
  3. More realism - rotting items

    Its a nice idea however I hardly have time to play much these days so when I do have time its nice to 'hoard' alot of items so teh next time I can play I have stuff to mix - if thigs degraded like you sugest it will mean I will have to stop playing. I enjoy this game and like to pop on when I can to gatehr or mix - this idea if implemented will make it imposible for me to play, I would then have to sell my BOT and give up the game.
  4. el wont Start

    Probably the standard 'broken drivers' issue. What is 'standard broken drivers issue' please?
  5. Bot that expired and that will expire this month.

    Transaction ID: 7KP37472X5293153T The payment for your purchase from Eternal Lands Development Team has been completed. Paid sorry its late was on Holiday Tiz
  6. New Char Portrait

    Ahhh the sholders disapearing is my own falt - I was given just the transparent image and I mounted it myself with my choice of background. Totaly my falut and not the artist D
  7. New Char Portrait

    I got me a new char portrait and had to show it off.... If you like it and want to se more EL chars portraits - visit Fade's website at http://fadewillow.co.uk/
  8. Bot marketplaces

    As with most discussions things can get a bit out of hand. All some of us BOT owners are trying to say is that we paid real money for the service. If some of you had done teh same I think you would be feeling the same as us. All I can honestly say is ... 1. No it was not thought that BOTS would take of as well as they had - there is a problem in some areas such as NC and PL. 2. Once the overcrowding started in NC it should have been stopped. 3. Moving of BOTs should be voluntery and if needed a 'free move' 4. Yes the overcrowding looks unsightly, it would be more inkeeping with the RP aspect if this was tidied up. Dont tar all BOT owners with same brush, there are many reasons some of us have a BOT and its not all to do with money making. Personaly it gives me motivation and a purpose to sit and mix stuff and we have him talking in guild chanel (Role Playing nonsence for fun) and other fun things like giving comp clues instead of advertising on market. (he has never advertised on market) Mine also acts as an equipment store for guildies or freinds who need something when im not online. I chose the position of mine (in MM) because he was on a main trail and easy access to myself, guildies and freinds who just need to use a tele to reach him. He is not in a crowded map nor near to a storage. He is tucked out of the way and does not look like a blot on teh landscape. In fact I have dressed it to blend in with the terees teh best I could purposly. (looks like a hunter) I personaly would not liek to move him for those reason alone and notihng to do with what money he makes or would make.
  9. Holar made it!

    Well done there GRATS
  10. Bot marketplaces

    I just can't see owners volunteering to move their bots. Seems so inconvenient. Also, as they all are saying, they chose their locations for a reason. I certainly chose my BOT spot for a reason and its not all because of profit - it is more to do with being convieninet for me and being on my favorite map. I think Roja's second post about being a voluntry situation is more ideal. I would not want to move mine and if I am truly honest if I had to, I would probably let its rent run out and not bother with him anymore.
  11. Bot marketplaces

    I voted no because I like my BOT where he is, however I do agree that some maps are way overcrowded. I hope if this comes to be that it will not be compulsory to move my BOT otherwise I will be very unhappy *edit to add* BOT owners as myself paid real life money for them and thier position on maps - not realy fair if that choice was taken away when a service and place has been paid for.
  12. New bots rule: NO HORSES pls!

    Will there be a refund of the money spent buying the horse for the Bot? or perhaps a replacement? for those who paid for a horse for their bot before the rule came into effect. thank you D
  13. Favorite eBooks?

    Who is R.A.Salvatore ? Neat name Almost my initials http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R._A._Salvatore http://charon.sfsu.edu/salvatore/salvatore.html http://books.google.co.uk/books?as_auth=RA...or-navigational Those should keep you going for a while If you have ever played games such as Baldurs Gate or Neverwinter NIghts these books are set around that world.
  14. Favorite eBooks?

    Anyhting by Tolkien or R.A.Salvatore including teh Drizzt series, Cleric Quintet and others. However just read teh entire Harry Potter series and enjoyed very much. Just ordered a new set of books from R.A.Salvatore - The Sell Swords.
  15. Young Wiccans & Witches

    im sorry where did i use the word 'stolen/steal' ? sorry but I never used that word please dont miss quote me I was infact referring to interferance and we both know who and what I am talking about and I was trying to keep it from teh boards Our guild is trying to show/teach/help a certain member and we give him/her tasks to do ect - then someone comes along and 'gives' him the items that complety ruins teh objective. Of course he/she is going to take teh easy route and ask/beg others. All I am asking is that you dont do it and leave us to teach/help/show/ as part of our guild - if this person is not satidfied with the way our guild does things then he/she is quite welcome to leave - however this person likes/wants to stay with our guild and Im posotive you are fallinmg victim to a young person who gets bored/cant be arsed and will go elsewere if he/she is not getting his/her own way. Tiz