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Family EL Player

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If this is the incorrect place to post this, I apologize. I have a simple question, after reading the rules, it's not 100% clear to me. My oldest son (age 28) has joined the community of EL recently. :D So that gives you an idea how old I am. :lipssealed:


We use separate computers, and don't use each others account, since it's against the rules as it is my understanding. We will appear to have the same ISP however, since my NIC MAC is cloned to the Router. Would there be a problem of interaction between us, as in any interaction between any 2 EL users, buying, selling, trading and what not.


Also, he is becoming eligible to join a guild. I've not asked him to join mine and he's not asked, but i would like to know in advance if this posses a problem or breach of rules.


I've never broken a rule, I dont even have an ALT, never been posted as a bag jumper as far as I know of, so I am aware of the rules and the rule of thumb has been , when in doubt, dont do it. :icon13:


Input from a mod or mods is very much welcomed. I'm a municipal Code Enforcement Officer & Firefighter by profession, i know all about rules and regulations. SO, when you have a question, ask... :D


Thank you for your time......


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As far as I am aware, there is a way to have familys white listed so that the moderaters know whom is who on a single IP. Though I have know familys to have problems with charater locking even after whitelisting. Best to speak directly to the moderators and let them know your situation.

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That's ok, especially because we personally know you.


Thank you, your da bomb :doze:


Whom would one contact to get a member whitelisted, for furture reference. TY

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as long as there is normal interaction between the family members (no excesive trading/muling/giving away things) you don't have to be afraid to get banned. like entropy said it's ok.


if you ever get banned, and you think this is a mistake, you haven't done anything wrong, you can post in the banned section, and then mods will deal with it.


whitelisting is only needed when you can't log in due to a banned ISP range because sombody else using that same ISP, who has nothing to do with you, caused an ISP ban.*


example: everyone in your neighbourhood is connected through the same ISP, and some guy living 2 blocks away, plays eternal lands and does something extremely bad, which forces the mods to ban the entire ISP, so he can't log in even if he goes next door to play at a friends house. you would be affected by this ban, because you have the same ISP, but you don't deserve to be banned, so the mods can whitelist your playername, so you can still play.*


if something is not entirely clear i find it very usefull reading posts in the banned section.



*someone correct me if i'm wrong.

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