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- 10,000 thread (2gc each) or 50,000 cotton (0.5gc each)

- 4 unicorn meds

- 1000 feasing potions

- 100 antidote potions




10 Hydro bars for:-

- Steel bars (200:1)

- Thread (5000:1 Max 10k)

- HE (1700:1 Max 3400)




- 1000 diamonds (3gc each) (SOLD - Kornholio)

- 1500 each of all quartz (2gc each or 11k for all - You save at least 1k :fire:)

- 150 bear furs (SOLD - sadarar)

- 1000 bones (2gc each) (SOLD to Misery_Machine)

- 50 crafting potions (Offer)


Please leave offers here.


Edit: Added some prices

Edited by EaglePrince

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1k for the Bear Furs?

(And 2.1k for the bones if you haven't sold them yet :omg: )

Sorry, but I don't think it would be right to sell bones to you since someone else offered the asking price before you :P

As for the furs....150 bears for 1k? No thanks!




@Kornholio: 1k diamonds reserved for you


@Private: 2gc for all quartzes


@Misery_Machine: 1k bones reserved for you

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