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NO MORE ORDERS FOR NOW,JOWWOW's order is last, i need pause



Blue star flower______0.5gc each <max 20k>

Impatiens___________0.5gc each <max 20k>

Lilacs_______________0.5gc each <max 20k>

Red Snapdragons_____0.5gc each <max 20k>

Tiger Lilly____________0.5gc each <max 20k>

Blue Lupine__________0.5gc each <max 20k>

Chrysanthemum______0.5gc each <max 20k>

White Asiatic Lilly______0.5gc each <max 20k>

Red Roses____________0.5gc each <max 20k>

sunflowers____________0.5gc each <max 20k>



iron ore_____________2.7gc/each <max 2k> lowered quantity

silver ore____________2gc/each <max 2k> lowered quantity

Pm there ingame name/quantity :blush:




blue quartz____________1.5gc/each <max 2k> lowered quantity

rose quartz____________1.5gc/each <max 2k> lowered quantity

quartz________________1.5gc/each <max 2k> lowered quantity

coal__________________1.7gc/each <max 2k>










Forum nickname - KissofDeath

ingame nickname - Legendary_KoD

Edited by kissofdeath

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20k red roses, 20k sunflowers, 10k blue quartz, 10k quartz



Too much? Let me know....


Merry Christmas! Ho Ho Holy smeg, that's a big order! :)




Edited by XenaMT

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