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  1. Guild Website

    small, simple, faster, and neat, I'd reccomend PunBB like ours, but of course u can put some more graphics, give it a try
  2. YAY! Summoning 100

    for me, only 100 levels!! not that bad!! congratulations Blodoks!
  3. Disturbed/Robin_Hood Scammers

    hmmm.. im always wonder, if the char itself is scammed during selling/buying char, can the buyer ask for the new password as in like he has forgoten it? of course, with the payment. and also provided that the buyer can show the proof. Because it seems that, to me, buying/selling char is more towars RL business rather than EL business, so its pretty much like cheating and scamming in RL in which the scammer can be punished, fine, jail etc etc. Especially when the buyer pay with real money. or is it all fall under 'buying/selling char at ur own risk, dont cry if u get scammed'
  4. The whole c't thing

    well then, congratulations to all EL dev/mods!
  5. MusclesMalone

    True, I think I remember once I died when my client crashed. And I did lost some items. But imho, with client crash and you die, its still not a good reason enough to bring it up to the developer. Your client crashed, no problem at all with the server. Of course, unless there were some kind of bugs Dont worry I didnt laugh at the guy, just at how funny Radu is
  6. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

  7. MusclesMalone

  8. Grifter

    old scammer returning?
  9. Waiting for name change

    Hi Dont worry, if u have sent him a forum pm, he will contact you soon. He is busy these days, just be patient (got my char change after 2 weeks? or so)
  10. Looking for Map Makers

    Howdy, No more map makers needed. We have a map maker now and we are now working on the map. Thanks to those who were interested. See ya in game!
  11. Howdy, As what the title says, KoTP is now welcoming new members. No really spesific requirements, just a skill over 20 and not outlaws We are specially welcoming new players to join us. Please know that we are a new and developing guild. Worth to mention, we have our own definiton on OUTLAWS which is not neccesarily the same as others', but we pretty much can live happily with it As for PVPers, we can assure you that we will have our guild map ready for safe pvping in the next client update Have fun and see ya in game!
  12. Hi-ya Can I order 12k Silver ores please? (EDIT : + 6k more ) and I would like to recieve a msg via gossip if there is any info In game name : EphemeraL cheers
  13. Man (player) eating leopard

    lmao, funny quotes of the week has moved here?
  14. Server stress test

    Makes me wonder who the momma was roflmao