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Passed an NULL mutex

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To day I got this error message (in the el console)


Passed a NULL mutex

Disconnected from server!

Press Alt-x to close the game


WindowsXPSP2, standard client, clean install.

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I think this might be the new Grue message. My ISP has been having problems the past 2 days and my internet keeps dropping for a few seconds. Each time my internet goes down I get this message. It's possible your internet connection was interrupted for a moment.

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Dont happen to have .NET IDE installed on this machine, nor, do I have the librairies installed.

Not very good with C besides,as , I stick with Visual side.


Quick search on mutex:




(hope linking is allowed, as, the forum rules page is "broken or out of date")


I am getting very similiar results (and very similiar conditions) as above has commented.


Win2k SP4

ISP will be trashed soon.

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