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Teleport to Range

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I was feeling extra brave the other day and went for a stroll in TD, forgetting that a certain top-level fighter camps at TD/DP gate. :P Anyway, I ran as soon as I saw him, and managed to put some distance between us. Somehow, he managed to TP ahead of me, and I managed to escape only because of a super-fast diss-and-tele. I am pretty sure that I can't teleport that kind of distance, and I don't think he could TP twice in such a short time due to CD. As far as I know CD removal only works during combat, and there would be a message in local anyway, so I couldn't help wondering if TPTR distance increases with magic level.


And if not, should it? What do you all think?

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you only have to wait one second between spells, so with full mana bar you could cover half the map quite fast


are you talking about the cooldown on SRs? all cooldowns are 1 second on TD map...


i dont think you should be able to tele to range huge distances... would make muling harvestables too easy as long as you have the right levels :)

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