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Beware of Marcus

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Bad news with this guy. He managed to scam me and boy I feel like a complete idiot over it. Lets just say he came out ahead in a friendly pk battle in a 60 and under zone. I didn't hit my disengage ring quickly enough and, well, he just happened to yell that some a'hole killed him right after me.


In any case, if you see him summoning you to do a friendly PK battle, give him the finger and ignore him, he's bad bad news.


The sad thing is, a friend of his (in RL) saw me hanging with him and began warning me about him, just after everything happened. I just wish the timing wasn't as bad. Or maybe I could've simply ignored him like I usually do with others'.


I'm really angry that I let it happen because I lost a valuable item that took a great deal of time, effort, and a group to obtain and it's now in someone else's hands. My taste for this game won't be the same after this.


I don't know about the rest of his guild, but I'll definitely be very wary of every single member of xXx.

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If you lost something you didn't want too, why not carry a Rostogol stone with you? lol. He also tried scamming me yesterday after I PK'd him and took his Jagged Sabre. :blink: Tried the old gc+item trick, the little nOOb must think I am stupid lol.

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