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Storage Sale

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500gc or lower

500gc - 1000gc


These prices are based on 1 item so 1 steel chain = 900gc or something like that

or a flower like .5gc for 1


***IF YOU SEE '800 steel chains in the price range of 500-1000 it DOES NOT mean that you get all 800 for that price it means you have to pay between 500-1000 for EACH ONE or 500 and lower....




741 Mullein

200 Dandelion

300 Poppies

200 Henbane

200 Yarrow

200 Tulips

200 Toadstool (Red Mushroom)

200 Wormwood

200 Poison Ivy

200 Red Currents

200 Blue Berries

101 Rue

300 Nightshade

203 Cotton

90 Valerian

1 Wooden Staff

6 Puma Fur

10 Brown Snake Skin

24 Brown rabbit fur

4 rat tails

59 Deer Antlers

11 Green Snake Skin

25 Fox Fur

6 red snake skin

1 Racoon Fur

28 Deer Fur

9 Lepard Fur

1 Tiger Fur

8 Snow Lepard Fur

5 Bear fur

20 Wolf fur

24 Bever Fur

2 Steel Longswords

6 Titanium Longswords

8 Steel Chains

71 Vials

Book of Potion of Physique

Edited by Bleuren

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ill take the tit long swords if nobody has yet :o



ill give u 2k for all your furs except deer wolf tiger or leapord


holla at me ingame





o-O expensive vials 500+ each

err that's for the whole set ;) unorgonized..

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