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  1. Very sad news, regarding Learner

    Rest in Peace, Learner.
  2. Bleuren is Banned.

    Ok, whatever sheesh.. You know an IP ban isn't the end of the world... and there are other games, so I really could care less, I just wanted to get on to talk to friends basicly... but to get your story strait, I have been IP banned in the past before, but I was allowed back on with probation, so it's not like I "snuck" back on. Anyways goobye, I have no time to bullshit about getting my account un banned. See you, goodbye forever Brian PS Being patient is not threatning someone.. also, it would be nice if learner stops hiding in his little IP tavern.... and accually say something.
  3. Bleuren is Banned.

    Then what is Ban Appeal for? It's for getting one last chance at getting unbanned and saying you won't spam someone in PM again I would even be happy to start a new char, but I would like to here the final answer If it's no, I am not going to spam the forums and be more of a n00b than I already am, I will just find another game hopefully as good as EL if it's yes, Thank you soo much and I won't spam nobody no more.
  4. Bleuren is Banned.

    Well, I guess I had this comming, but, I *Think* I know why I am banned, and this is because I spammed Fading_Light with usless letters, and accidently spammed the beam when it was supposed to go to him, I am not going to say "omg my little brother came on and spammed everyone" no, that's not what happend. I probably don't deserve any more chances than what I have already gotten, but, Fading_Light I am sorry for spamming you, I did react a little to hard to that joke, and I hope you accept my appology, I am also sorry for spamming the beam as it wasn't on purpose, but still is not an exuse Well, I guess this is up to Learner to decide being he booted me.. Just to say, whatever the decision is, it will most likely be the best one, and I will respect it. Bleuren.
  5. possibel stats?

    nothings impossible being god is impossible...
  6. Guess the player name!

    by the looks of that picture, and the super part... could it be Entropy?!
  7. Three word story

    then it said (why is it just cho and duck?)
  8. Can some one make me a siggy?

    He still uses the avvy though
  9. Test the newest client please

    The load isn't THAT slow..
  10. Thx to Learner.

    Yea thanks
  11. 4 word story!

    this thread is dumb
  12. possibel stats?

    omg, is radu teh hax then? [/sarcasm]
  13. what's armor for then?
  14. Status Report

    That is very nice, it would be cooler if that was a character foor choosing btw, it looks like radu hehehe
  15. Its Back...

    Well goodluck with your guild, and if I have a space opening, I will join your guild.. that's if, I am open