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  1. very old players

    Hi. Do i qualify for old? Probably don't for around.
  2. When I started to play EL ...

    no books level requirements to make items level requirements to wear cloaks no feet/head/legs armor no summoning
  3. How old are you?

    15 :/
  4. Retro Time!

    i remember that green website kinda
  5. Huge problem with nicks...

    not quite a newbie and i think his still playing but to not be off topic yes i agree finding names is hard and a lot of them are used. Oh and name generators might help
  6. So, what kind of forum user are you?

    i pretty much read most but don't post much
  7. Buyable nexuses

    i don't like this , i think it will just give a bigger advantage to high level fighters and irl rich people
  8. The search for the Dark Order

    Isn't Cyprom like he?
  9. *Remember When*

    the first people i remember umm Krull Geelef some more i can't remember the names of atm xD
  10. Kill LuciferX contest

    What about harm?
  11. More Spawns

    to catch them up you should train more as someone said like 10 hours+ a day...
  12. THC contest under construction

    I'd like to try if im online at the time
  13. Storage Sale

    o-O expensive vials 500+ each