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Mortos’ Gate

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background story


Mortos and Aluwen came to fight about the fate of the forgotten continent Irilion. Mortos, not pleased with the way the races serve him, is about to send an Army of horrible creatures to set an example and demonstrate his power once and for all. Aluwen hears about his cruel intentions and sends some of her most trusted councillors to Seridia and Irilion to warn the races and gather an army to stop Mortos.




The Counselor(NPCs):

High-Elves, that appear to be larger than common elves, dressed in armour that has never seen before in our lands and long floating cloaks. One or two of these guardians appears in every major town to announce Mortos plans and recruit.


Mortos Creatures (monsters):

Doomed Orchans… Orchans, almost the size of a Cyclops with mad eyes and unbelievable strength

Haunted Draegoni Warriors… The haunted souls of ancient draegoni warriors that came back as slaved spirits


The two gods

We already have them and they need to take part of course



Aluwens’ counselor inform the races about the upcoming events and gather resources for the big fight. They will collect huge amounts of health essences, spirit restoration potions, armours and will reward those that contribute, some way. Once a certain amount of all of these resources and items has been collected the real event will start. The counselors’ purpose is to make people aware of the intensity and importance of what is coming up. Collecting resources and items for the upcoming battle adds to the roleplay, allows non-fighters to participate and has a positive influence on the economy and production. The reward given for a contribution has yet to be considered, but it could be a ticket (see below).


Suddenly huge monoliths (this could be something else too, it would be great to have something that indicates Mortos’ gate and is a good meeting place for the players) appear somewhere on Irilion (if atmospherics are implemented by then and are able to be controlled, there should be a lot of red fog around these monoliths to make them appear more dangerous). The army of the races gathers around these monoliths ready to fight the unknown invaders. Mortos appears and summons his creatures. Their appearance is something no one ever has seen before. This makes players extra nervous, especially because no one knows about their strength. These monsters are really, really strong, stronger than anything else we have in EL and multiple fighters need to team up on them to kill one of them. Since many people will die and these creatures are very strong, you will be able to give the tickets you earned to the counselors and they will bless you temporarily and make you much stronger for a certain time. This battle is supposed to go on very long; there will be several waves of enemies.

Some thoughts about certain aspects:

All the monsters/npcs I thought about would need to be created first. But they could be easily based on what we already have. The councillors would use a common stretched elf model. The common armour texture could be altered a little bit, to make them look special. Doomed Orchans could be common orchans with increased height and altred face-textures. Haunted Draegoni Warriors: Common semi-transparent Draegoni models. All of these models could be used in future events, quests, etc…


People seem to love the common invasions. They are fun; they are not common and they are exciting. I believe an event like this one, that certainly needs a lot of work to be done, in order to be something special and unique, is something many players would love to take part in and look forward to. It’s the chance to evolve ELs history in the game and let players become part of this history.


Feel free to comment, criticize, etc :o


with regards,


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Well, first off Irilion is nto a "forgotten" continent at all. It's just new to the players really.


The orchans & draegoni "monsters", do you mean they are both undead that Mortos resurrected?


At any rate, I prefer to make new and different monsters. And the new monsters can be used-for the first time- in an invasion with a nice story around it to introduce them. So that thought can be worked into something more that we would do.

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Hello Roja!


That is indeed a mistake, I know the contact between the two continents has been reestablished, I just wrote this down late at night, so I probably forgot to mention or mixed up some other things too.


Concering the monsters, of course it would be great to have new an special monsters! In fact that would be awesome. Since I know that you are pretty busy with many other things, I thought about ways to have something new without that much work, but of course something new would be even better :P

About the "undead", well I thought it wouldn't make much sense to have our races fight other living draegonis or orchans, so I thought they could be either undead or bewitched by some curse.


- kl4Uz

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