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The story of Emerald Valley Trade Route (cont2map8)

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Hey, guys




I've written down a timeline for the events concerning my map, linking the background story to the map's looks. Here we go:


332 BP (before present) – legend goes that 332 years ago, a small group of five or six experienced miners, when traveling through a virgin jungle in Irillion, have found geological clues pointing that that area (today known as Emerald Valley) could be rich in Emeralds. They began long diggings that – as some say – took more than one or two years. Some people also say they were right and did find emeralds underground. But then, no one really knows why, their diggings suddenly stopped. It's pretty much a legend, really, since there are no consistent historical records about the miners and no sign of mines in that area. However, that story became so popular at some time (around 150-100 BP) that made the area be officially known by Emerald Valley .


115-117 BP – A mysterious wizard was exploring Quaqmire of Sorrow, since it was an unknown area and could hold precious resources, as it was hard to access. In the end this wizard only found trouble with goblins and Orcs. He refuges in the mountains and slowly builds himself a rockhouse. Daily facing the repeating attacks of goblins, he ended finding a different way of summoning. Since it's not possible to summon goblins, he found a way to put them under his command, like summoned creatures… but more like manipulated creatures. That way, he managed to reach the bottom of their nest, finding… nothing. Frustrated, but not giving up, he had his monsters build a fortress and started planning attacks on other regions. Some day, a battle fleet (no historical records from which country it was from) was crossing the river and the wizard decided to test his new tricks, like a trial… It happened that that battle fleet was transporting a princess, whose hand was promised to a prince or something like that. And, OF COURSE, such act would be left be; there WOULD be retaliation. A group of warriors was sent the Quaqmire of Sorrow with the mission of bringing the wizard's head on a silver plate, which didn't sound so hard until they got there. The monsters could be not that hard for experienced fighters, but there was a lot of them, some with archery skills and the wizard's powers was annoying their strike. Even petrification spells were cast by the wizard. The warriors fled and two brave heroes stayed behind to slow down the chase. They were petrificated, but their strong will avoided death (a sign of that is the flowers and grass growing under their statues. That makes some people believe the couple are still alive, somehow, awaiting the spell to be lift). A new group of warrior was sent. The finest in the world by that time. They gathered in the rock house (they didn't know that was the first home of the wizard) to discuss battle strategy. The journals from the warriors stop there. There's sign of fierce battle… But… Today, the monsters don't seem to obey no master… The wizard wasn't found… But the heroes are still petrified… Does that mean the wizard's still alive? Or that the petrification spell is unrevertable?



58 BP – A just married couple moved to the quiet Emerald Valley, building a small, charming hut near the bridge. The husband was a woodcutter and the wife was an artisan, and also made some potions once in a while too. Some say she was a witch, some say she was just a mage trying to hide her art… some say her husband never knew about those abilities of hers, some say he pretended not to know… Anyway, they were living a happy life, until one day, the husband was walking about 'till late of night and happened to witness a weird cult-like thing taking place in the southwestern hill. The "druids" (the name is not appropriate. I'll call them the "Blue Clan" for now) chased him, as he was able to take cover in the house, where he told his wife what he has seen. Some days later, the "druids" made a small "visit" to the couple. One of them killed the husband simply waving his hand on the air. The girl's life was spared (even if she ran after them "druids" calling them names and throwing things on them. Lol). She decided to put her heart into discovering what all that meant. She has found many of her answers in the Red Dragon's shrine (somewhere in the world. Hey, much of these tales are mixed with rumors and new details were added to them from person to person telling or re-telling them, so not everything must, necessarily make sense. There's no need for there to be a "Red Dragon's shrine" in Irillion or Seridia in order to make this tale possible), where she worked up her magical powers. 12 years later, with the Dragon's blessing (and condemned to swear an oath to him in order to be blessed and stand a chance again the Blue Clan) she came back to Emerald Hill and SLAUGHTERED them. Some say that this day stained the whole forest with blood, making every living thing to be turned red. The witch has now moved to the cave nearby, protecting the forest and serving her god.



?? – 46 BP – The Blue Clan. Pretty much nothing is known about the Blue Clan. Clues go they worshiped some kind of Dragon-like god related to water or something like that. Their tradition primed for oral teaching, so, apart from some undeciphered runic characters carved in some stones (what left of their temple when it was completely destroyed by some strong kind of magic 46 years ago, where records on them roughly stops), they had no writing. There's no record of their acting in any place that no Emerald Valley , and there're not much proof left about their existence, specially regarding their settlement. It's a mystery and a challenge to every archaeologist.



40-32 BP – Small traders settle in the road linking Idaloran and (?? Map 10 and 7), selling goods to travelers using that road. Through those 40-30 years, the small camp evolved to a village and is today heading to the degree of small town, now that a storage (extremely vital to a village that survives from trading) in being built. As it can be noticed, it's a very recent settlement. And as Emerald Valley has become a referring point to everyone traveling from Idaloran to (??) Map 10 or 7, it is now known as Emerald Valley Trade Route, remembering that the name Emerald Valley itself is almost mythical, as some people assign the name to the greenish fields of it.



Well, hope you like this background story. I know there are a lot of unexplained details, but it leaves more to the imagination and gives the story a more intriguing feature. Also, the fact that some events are known only through oral memory, makes the tales even more imprecise, which is, the way I see it, richer. Anyway, feel free to send me comments, questions, suggestions or anything. ;-)


J Eon Schmidt

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Keep up the good work Eon! :P Still Roja, you keep up the good work to ;)

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