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  1. The Jewel Monkeys of Kusamura

    LadyWolf and Brom were talking on the front deck, watching the approaching land. A golden flash temporarily blinded them as they tried to shield their eyes. As the flash subsided, Nightmare stood in between the two of the. "I hate teleportation." Brom winced in irritation, and LadyWolf just hung her mouth open from the surprising entrance. "Now, I have to tell you two something very important. The temple in Kusamura is very dangerous. The manner of creatures guarding the treasures are not that of this world. And whatever Shadowbane told you, he has forgotten the 4th Monkey."
  2. The Ocean Strider's Voyage.

    I for one, don't. Don't ask why, and if you know me, you should.
  3. The Jewel Monkeys of Kusamura

    Dark suddenly snapped out and lowered his staff. "Quick!" He rushed over to the corpse of Kendai and took out his vial. He dropped another drip of the green liquid on her lips. She gave a sudden jerk, and then fell silent and motionless again. He himself collapsed to the floor, making small murmurings. He felt a surge of pain, and then settled down. He layed on the ground, motionless.
  4. The Jewel Monkeys of Kusamura

    He saw as Zelse cast a protection spell. "Stop it!" Dark despised magic. Not in the way dwarves did, or at least people say some of them did, but in a way as to magic disturbed him, seriously. When he used magic, it was okay, but certain magics irritated him. Without thinking, he protruded a night-black staff with a dark violet orb at the end. He pointed it at Zelse, and it started glowing with a brilliance that made all other light sources look like a shadow.
  5. The Jewel Monkeys of Kusamura

    As he saw Sora enter and poke the dead body, he barked," You, humkey! Get away from there!" The humkey screeched and left the cabin with it's poking stick. Hm... I think I'll go poke one of those gnome fellows she thought as she scurried off to poke another person. Dark got up, and out of his cloak he took a bottle. In the bottle there was a green, bubbling liquid. There was a cork on top in the shape of a skull. He unscrewed the cork and poured no more than a drop on her cold lips. He then took his seat again...
  6. The Jewel Monkeys of Kusamura

    ((he he, Brom ))
  7. The Jewel Monkeys of Kusamura

    ((Well, even if you were an elf- never mind!. And as a human, around 80 is max age, 110 tops. And I don't mean what you mean by 900 years or anything))
  8. The Jewel Monkeys of Kusamura

    ((Um, Zelse? If you're an elf, your "clans'" members wouldn't be round 900. Not even the oldest Draegoni get to that age. You'd have to be enchanted with ancient magics to be like that. And trust me, any magics like that don't exist, that or are hidden or protected.))
  9. The Jewel Monkeys of Kusamura

    ((Sparhawk you maniac :shame: )) "Brom! Let me go" He struggled to get free of the old draegoni's grasp but when angry, he was stronger than a Feran. "Tell me who you are and your intentions!" belowed Brom as his grip on him tightened. "I will tell you most if you.. just... let... me... go!" And Brom let go, allowing him to collapse to the floor. He got up, and took a seat at a stool. "Now tell me!" Brom could be vicous in a state of anger fueled by a hidden fear. "First, I will tell you of Kendai. While fighting, she was stabbed by a dagger. But not just any dagger," he paused for a moment. "That was the dagger of Necroit. I had killed Necroit himself many eons ago, but he had had his minions take the dagger. He was a necromancer: a preacher of Mortos. He had been amassing a legion of the undead to destroy all of Irillion, and the rest of Draia, in the name of the Dark God. I had killed him and his legion of the undead, with no dark magics to possess thier souls, they fell. But his dagger was imbuned with some of his powers, and know kept those," he nodded in the direction of where the pirate ship was. "Skeletons alive. The dagger is now lost at the bottom of the sea, and for that I thank you, but it had taken it's toll on me. While I fought Necroit, he had stabbed me. I have been cursed, like she. I am," he winced. "An undead." Brom almost lept at him, but he raised his hand. "Wait! I had gone to search for the dagger, his last source of power. But I had ben captured by them, the pirates. I know only one cure that will save your friend, Kendai, from becoming like me." Brom then said, "But how?" He answered, "The Jewel Monkeys of Kusamura." Brom gasped. Was this a coincidence? Or something more... "I, myself, will give you the only name I know: Dark Nightmare. I was of an ancient order now long gone, and what is left of them, I don't know, but I lost all contact when I found Necroit. I myself was a worshipper of no god but the Overdiety. I am a researcher in the Dark Magics, and now, relenquished of my duty, hope to cure myself and return to my original form." Brom stood motionless... ((Too much? Too little? Awkward? I'll edit it, just no flaming))
  10. The Jewel Monkeys of Kusamura

    ((Brom, that was SO uncalled for! that better have been a OOC post!)) As the he saw LadyWolf rushing towards him, he lept into the air and vanished in a burst of shadow. He reappeared outside of the cabin where Brom and Kendai were. He knocked on the door. Brom answered it, and said, "Yes?" The man took off his hood, and Brom almost fell over. Half of the man's face was ripped, and all that was seen was bare bone. The other half revealed lavender skin, and overall handsome features. Where his eyes should have been, there were two glowing green dots that masked his eyes, if any. His hair was a dark violet, and was untamed. "You must let me in, quickly." He strode past Brom, not waiting for an answer, and went to Kendai. He observed her closely. "By the Bane, she has been Cursed..."
  11. The Jewel Monkeys of Kusamura

    ((Yes I mean me! Who else cares but me! *slaps Brom*))
  12. The Jewel Monkeys of Kusamura

    ((Thnx Brom, and enjoy me now, for one day, we shall all die.)) ((Once you're done, don't leave this topic, for right nw my mind is bubbling and plotting a sinister and ultimate plan like a unstoppable super-computer...))
  13. The Jewel Monkeys of Kusamura

    The moon appeared through the clouds as the storm died, shining like a beacon of hope in the ominous darkness of the night. The man rose from hishiding place, and rushed outside. He had sensed a magicall presence come from the pirate ship, but he had been so busy escaping himself he hadn't noticed. He raced into the calm breeze. He ran to the boat's chain and looked down. Clinging to the anchor there was a elf in tattered robes- more of rags. The man called out in a coarse, hollow, cold but strong voice, "HELP!" The passengers physically didn't hear it, but thier minds burned with the voice....
  14. Devoid of Happiness

    The obsidian-black cloak was still as the hooded man stared at the desolate road through the downpour with his piercing gaze. He could sense that there was a presence coming, so he hid behind one of the many ruins in the Forset of Fall. He then saw an ebony horse plow through the gray haze, ridden by a young girl. He watched as she was knocked down by some magic of a hostile source which he saw as a red flash. His eyes opened fully, and he raced out to help her, whilst thinking "Is this the girl I've been searching for...?" But he froze and doged behind a tree as a group of soldiers captured her. A little later, he saw a boy of only 22 pass by, running. "Is that-" He then ran off, towards those that could be his ultimate doom or his great salvation.
  15. new type of invasion, on forts

    Fully destructable enviroments would be WEIRD. And Vanyel, you sound like Simon from American Idol if anyone reading this post knows who he is If we could "interact" with the enviroment, the game would be messed up. What next? Mountains? The rocks aren't really that tall.