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Letter from sMooMs

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Dear Eternal-Lands.


This is sMooMs speaking here,


I would like to say something to everyone who's reading this...


I started EL November 2004.

Loved the game a lot, been training my a/d lvls quickly with some help of my brother shivar. Yes I've had some troubles before because of him.

I want to say that I never did anything wrong in the game except using an illegal client (which I've admited and would never do it again.)

And I did some "Insulting Devs/Mods" in #GM (?) I've heard. Anyway I dont know what I've done.

I know i've been bad on the forums a few days ago, (bad reaction but mad if you can understand).



I thought i was gonna get -15% of my lvls, until I fought rogue and he said "Ty for last fight". He knew i was gonna get banned for ever.

So i was quite mad :/


Well that's what I wanted to say to y'all.


Vanyel is posting this for me since I've been banned from the forums (I'm sorry for that).


And I'm really sorry for the the insulting i've done to mods/devs.

Please give me a final chance, i wont disapoint anyone if i do i can resepct your choice banning me for ever..


Please do not make this topic a flame.

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If you ask me I think hes ok... I know he did wrong things but hes a nice guy... I say give him his last change but thats not up to me

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I'm sorry, but a simple apology is not going to get you, or the others, unbanned. It is not right what you did, you know it. You're not stupid..just nasty.


If people start to think that they can do whatever they want, and then apologize and then everything is back to normal...what sort of precedent does that set? What does it say about us, the admins? That we are forgiving? sure that's all well and good, but when the problems keep reoccuring and it hurts many more people than just us that shows us that we made mistakes.


The mods and other players have put up with you guys for long enough. And the last string was the insults you all made about us developers. Well, if that's the attitude you take to the makers of a game you play for free, then I don't see how you deserve to be unbanned at all.


You are staying banned, sorry, there are other games to play out there. I just hope you learn a lesson from it all.

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