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How Can I Become A Mod/Newbie Helper?

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So you think you're top stuff, eh? Want to become an official Eternal Lands moderator in-the-game? A...Newbie Helper?

We get asked about this a lot, so here are the minimal basic requirements we look for. Sometimes there are additional talents we have need of too. Please note: we do not take applications for moderator positions. If we see somebody who fits what we are looking for, we will do the asking. :D


-Speak english fluently.

-Are a stable and mature person able to be impartial.

-Type maturely (no 1337 sloppy shorthand typing).

-Are active in the game consistently, so as to be a reliable and helpful member of the team.

-Have been playing the game long enough to know the "ins & outs", and have a very good knowledge base of the game.

-You must have been helping newbies & players for a while, consistently and accurately.

-Have a LOT of patience for helping newbs and n00bs alike and not mind saying the same things over and over and over...

-Have no bad record of doing anything illegal or acting nasty in the game.

-Have not continuously begged to be a mod/newbie helper.



...More guidelines can follow later on when I think of them. You don't become a moderator by asking to be one. We usually spot that you are helping a lot in the game, and are a kind, polite player. Someday we might ask you if you want to be one. But do not have your hopes set on it, don't act all nice and helpful just to become a moderator because you want some extra powers or think you will get any rewards from it.


Moderators/newbie helpers do NOT get ANYTHING for free. They do what they do because they are good people who want to help a game they like!(well at least I hope that is why :D)

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