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Found 2 results

  1. Speedy gonzales

    Hi there, I have been giving some thought on a different kind of instance, that isn't based on the same range level of players, the idea is to bring competitiveness into the game It would be an instance you could go once every two weeks (more or less can be discussed below), the idea is to set a record and to complete the instance as fast as possible , it isn't to farm gc as it won't be profitable compared to the other instances. The team would consist of 4 players (again this can be discussed below): 1 fighter in the 60 - 90 range 1 fighter in the 90 - 120 range 1 fighter in the 120 - 150 range 1 fighter in the 150 ++ range The instance will have negative light so that it is hard to see the monsters, some areas could only be reached with teleport to range, some monsters would be capped, that means that if someone sees a monster he would have to call a lower team member to kill or will have to md them or something, but not sure that would be the best strategy if they are loads of rabbits, right ? This indeed involves some luck in finding the monsters fast but that is what could be fun and unpredictable to see what team finish faster. The monster I am thinking off are : Basically any creature / monsters, the bosses could be dragons with 2 polyphemus or so (this can be discussed below) How to advance in the next instance wave : Kill all the monsters even the invisible rats Ok so what are the rules : If any team member dies the whole team lose and will be sent back to IP shortly, yep that is harsh (that means protecting the weakest at all times One of you teleing out result in the team losing The aim is to bring fun and competitiveness a diverse range of players, which lacks in the invasion/instances because of caps (not blaming the invasions lol). Now what is the reward : The gc and items you have collected belongs to the team The team that completes the instance gets their name into the list of people that completes it Time it took them to complete + their names. Every EL year (or something) it gets reset, and the winner wins a prize of some kind (discuss below ). Oh and right before you tell me it won't happen, please every man is free to dream lol Also the idea can be polished into something better if you have ideas, we could even bring mixing/harvesting into this
  2. DPA King of the Ring #3

    Ok, so on the 7 March, it will be my birthday, and as a celebration, I think we should have a DPA competition, in the under 40s Arena. DPA King of the Ring #3 Only found two other King of the Rings on Forum, so welcome No. 3 #EDIT# Snaps and Video from Competition: Pic 1 Video 1 General Info: It will be purely for fun Thank you to busterblader, who donated 50kgc towards creating a prize for the competition (if you wish to donate, PM me). Desert Pines Arena(s) are all non-drops, so you have nothing to loose, and provides safe spectatorship for all non-participants. Newbies and lower levels are wanted, along with high level PKers. Let's all have some fun \o/ Rules: No Engineering items (Wards, Bombs, etc) No leaving/entering arena after competition starts No purposely trying to avoid fair competition (thanks to CherUT for telling me about this) Weak weapons and purposely avoiding killing someone in a fight (unless trying to flee), and any other act that might be determined as an attempt at cheating. No hypering bags prior to event and using during competition or muling into DPA to increase your resources (Thanks to Rabbitman for making me aware of this possibility ) None of the following armor/weapons are allowed: Titanium Greave of Mirroring Titanium Cuisses of Cooldown Removal Titanium Plate Mail of Freezing Steel Greaves of Ubber Defense Steel Cuisses of Mana Drain Steel Plate Mail of Healing Titanium Shield of Life Drain (Thank you Kricket for pointing this out, I forgot about it ) Orc Slayer of Mana Nullification Cutlass of the Mage Jagged Saber of Cooling Emerald Claymore of Life and Mana Rapier of Death Branch of Destruction Normal Branch Golden Star Mace Sunbreaker of Destruction Eagle Wing of Extra Damage (If there is a typo in one of these special weapons, or I have missed a special weapon, do not bring it! PM me so I can refine list) Levels and attributes are capped in the arena, and you can kill people anyway you wish, without breaking the above rules (BroDding them, bombing them, warding them, etc). Allowed Equipment: Some equipment people have asked wether are allowed. All the equipment below are allowed: Medallion of Life Staff of Protection Staff of the Mage Mage Robe Shirt Mage Robe Pants/Skirt Bone of Death Scythe Axe of Freezing Bronze Swords -Yes, they are allowed Radioactive Rapiers Dragon Armors (RD, BlaD, ID, BluD) Any equipment you are unsure if they are legal, PM me Q&A: Q: Can I use rings of damage and rings of mana? A: Sure. Knock yourself out Q: Will you be fighting? A: I dunno Q: Can I summon? A: Sure, have fun with that When: 9 March 2013, Saturday ~20:00 GMT 0 (UK Time 8PM) Other: If any mods are willing to make sure rules are kept, I would be appreciative All Levels allowed and wanted! Post or PM to enter. Winner(s) 1st Place: DuBro 2nd Place: MARVEL 3rd Place: _DEATH_ 4th Place: CherUT 5th Place: Myd1 Others Who Took Part: sirRICH Rabbitman Micra JoeButler scarr soulove busterblader MirageKnight circe koddy WilliamDeWorde TY all for taking part (DuBro received 50kgc, a Skunk Hat and some random polished jems from me (50kgc from buster). I am not held responsible for prizes promised by CherUT and Orick or for their delivery.) Prize: 50kgc - Donated by busterblader 50kgc - CherUT gave after competition iirc RDHoLaM - Will be donated by Orick (When competition ends, I will inform Orick of winner, and it is up to winner an Orick to deliver the RDHoLaM prize. Grort holds no responsibility for failure of delivery of the RDHoLaM) on condition of ten entrants showing up. Other prizes may be added as participant numbers increase. Feel free to donate to the cause P.S. any 'badasses' talking about 'pwning' each other are invited to put their money where their mouth is. I'm looking at you HeadLess!!!!!