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  1. Renewing EL website

    Ugh, if there is one thing I hate on a website, it's THAT.
  2. unban djadi

    After reviewing your history, no.
  3. It's so sad to hear this. I hope EL gave her some peace and the opportunity to forget her troubles, even if only for a little while. My condolences to her family and friends.
  4. IP Banned

    Whoops, sorry, I already took care of this. Chubble forum pm'd me.
  5. martiniuos banned

    No. The answer you received last time applies forever.
  6. Merry Christmas

    Thank you, the_grud, and the same to you, albeit a day late.
  7. Renewing EL website

    I agree with Zamirah, I prefer the default IP Board white/blue forum skin as well; that's what I use. Is there a reason we can't keep the artistry and design we have for the EL site but change the background, button, and text colors? And of course we want them to play but we need to know these things are a problem in order to address them.
  8. Renewing EL website

    We are not living in the time of reading, generation X is all about BIG FLASHY PICTURES. Don't know the grinding would be their interest though. -Kaddy Ehh? I'm at the older end of Generation X and I completely disagree! Do you mean Millennials or Generation Z maybe? And yeah, I don't see a point to make the website look like something the game is not.
  9. Renewing EL website

    The pages you are pointing out without a Download button are not part of the EL website, some not owned or run by radu. They are external links.
  10. Renewing EL website

    I think the Runescape website is tacky. Yuck. If people aren't willing to read and just want flashy pictures, maybe this isn't the game for them. I don't know how anyone can miss the Download button. It's on every page. I do agree the shop page could use a makeover, though.
  11. New client binaries for testing

    F2 fix works! Thank you! Will carry on testing.
  12. I am crashing whenever I use the F2 key on both the first and second clients you posted. What information would you like me to give you, if any? Linux 64 bit versions and Firefox is the browser I'm set to connect to. I do get the link showing up in Firefox but I crash right after.
  13. I don't know if it's a problem with me or a problem with client code somewhere but I seem to have lost my EL sound ability and have this message when I first log in: [13:25:42] alcOpenDevice(): Error initializing sound: ALC_NO_ERROR In my Options Audio tab, the box for Sound Device is empty, as it has been forever. I use Alsa. Adding "Alsa" doesn't help. I have sound for everything else outside of EL. An odd quirk to this is that there is one sound I've noticed that attempts to come through in EL, but sounds choked and strangled and is abbreviated, and that is the "eek" sound, which is ow01.ogg. I know precisely which one because I use it as a sound alert for certain pm's. When I play it alone outside of the EL client, it works fine. Any suggestions? I have this problem in my normal client and in bluap's new scaling testing client. (I was hoping his would fix this but it didn't.)
  14. Great, that works! Thank you so much!
  15. Thanks for testing! Rather than another button, just set the option back to 1.00 and its back to default. Is that OK? You can set the number of quickbar slots using the option in the HUD tab. I was thinking of a way to do that automatically, so in the next version hopefully...... I did set all of them back to 1.00 manually. It just seemed it would be easier to have a clean 1-button sweep to set everything back to default after one has made a mess of things. Not the end of the world if we can't do that. About the quickbar boxes, yes it occurred to me a while after the fact to re-add them. It feels like a cleaner solution to have them reappear automagically once the settings are back to default or a size that can accommodate them again (if they were there in the first place). My pleasure to help test!
  16. I'm on Arch linux and your 64 bit version works fine for me. I have only gone up to 2x and at that point, given the size of my EL window, it starts to make a mess of things. Would it be possible to put in a "Return to Default Settings" option/button? Also, I notice when I bring the HUD back down to normal size, everything goes back to its correct position except the boxes for the quickbar boxes. They just vanished except for the one that still fit when I was enlarging the HUD stuff. Closing and reopening the EL window did not bring them back.
  17. Forum validation requests

    I mean Please Validate my Eternal Lands Forum account under this name Hi Stewie, how many accounts are you going to try to make? Rhetorical question, no need for you to answer. I am not validating an account as you are perfectly able to post in Help Me for now as it is. We don't need you spamming all over the forums.
  18. Forum validation requests

  19. revi booted me

    Yes, I saw it all and the pm's. We all know what "fu" means. And maybe you want to include the entire chat log including what started it in @3. You left out a bit. (Also, he didn't spell out the f word, he used f***.) Maybe also you want to include your past history of trouble. It isn't like this is your first problem out of the blue.
  20. Ip Banned

    Okay, I unbanned the IP.
  21. Ip Banned

    To my knowledge, nothing was said but somebody on your IP created a new character with a rather undesirable name that is not appropriate to repeat.
  22. Alt rules

    Agree with #1. Agree with #2. Agree with #3 but stronger: I always thought mobs being able to be pinned was a bug and as such should not be exploited by anyone, alt or main. Yeah, I know you are all going to yell at me and say some mobs are too hard otherwise. But wasn't that the point of hard mobs? I'd prefer to see the pinning ability removed completely.
  23. Forum validation requests

    Against my better judgment, I'll validate the account. If anything even hints at more of the same reason the IP was banned, it will be banned in forums as well as the game.
  24. Unban Winni

    So you only asked so you could turn around and sell it. Typical.
  25. Forum validation requests

    You never made a forum account the last time you played here? No why do you ask? Because we only allow one forum account per person, not per character created. This is my only forum account. I think it isn't helping that I'm using a vpn which to my knowledge isn't against the rules. I disabled it for this post. No, it isn't against the rules but that isn't the point I was making. We only allow one forum account per PERSON, no matter how many different IP's or characters you show up on. And that is per forum rules: 27.One forum account per human. All others will be locked or deleted. Admin choice which one stays, if any. Forum account approved.