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  1. Seriously? Were you drinking or do you just like to hear yourself talk no matter how ridiculous?
  2. Eternal Lands News

    If it makes you feel any better, they all were in pretty rough shape when I got back and the mess! Wizzy still can't find his pants and Vanyel is still telling jokes using Google translator (see bans threads for how well THAT turns out). Funny how the good parties happen when I go away.
  3. Buying/selling

    Per forum rules, bumping not allowed.
  4. As an ex-player, thank you for all the memories

    You won't get in trouble by me, but I would disagree and say there are multiple reasons for that but I won't get into that here. Radu is not stupid and he obviously can see the stats, and again, he has the right to do what he pleases with his own game. If you don't like it, there are many others to choose from. I don't understand why people choose to stick around just to bash it. You aren't going to change his mind by doing that.
  5. As an ex-player, thank you for all the memories

    Hi Antio! Just because what somebody dislikes about the game doesn't change, doesn't mean that person was not heard. In the long run, any given game's creator has the right to follow his own visions even if somebody else doesn't like it.
  6. Spelling And Grammar Errors

    I have a quote button. Are you on mobile/android? And yes, I couldn't agree with you more -- I can't stand what Invision did to the forums.
  7. F2 Browser Malfunction

    I compile my own and I just compiled on Sept. 9. I've had this problem forever, though.
  8. F2 Browser Malfunction

    I have been trying to get F2 to launch chromium. Nothing happens. Firefox works fine, both if I type Firefox into the Options Server Browser box directly from in-game, and if I edit el.ini. However, nothing happens with chromium. I have tried chromium, chromium-browser, /usr/bin/chromium both entering those ingame and via el.ini. I run Arch Linux. Also a guildie runs Mac and is also having trouble with his client always launching Safari no matter what other browser he enters in both places. Also of note, if I run chromium via a terminal as $ chromium, it launches chromium just fine. Is there a trick we're missing or is the Browser function broken?
  9. Spelling And Grammar Errors

    Xaquelina: My special impatients shipment is delayed again.. The impatients I need must be collected from Crystal Cavern 140,81. I need 60. Should be impatiens, not impatients. Impatients are in @6.
  10. F2 Browser Malfunction

    I am starting to suspect it's something wrong with my setup and not the client. xdg-open did not work. I also tried adding export BROWSER=/usr/bin/chromium to my .bashrc and that did nothing. I don't think Arch has the update-alternatives --config x-www-browser function.
  11. Particle Percentage Problem

    Bluap, I need your help! Okay, background first. Up until somewhat recently, I used the particle percentage, generally around the 25% to 50% range. This worked on everything: fires, teleportals, spells, harvesting effect, fountains, etc. I am not sure when things changed, but now that does not work at all. Nothing happens. Ben suggested I used this on the "old" particle system that is the backup if one toggles off Eye Candy, but after relogging, still nothing happens unless I turn it down to 0% and then it just shuts off. This is most definitely not what used to happen and I'm sure it worked on eye candy stuff as well. I have used this long after eye candy was introduced. Why was the ability to set percentage removed? I loved it and used it always. It was very useful both aesthetically and performance-wise. I wish I could remember when I noticed it wasn't working but I could have been on an older client as well. I have tried lowering the Max Idle Cycles per Second but that just makes it slow and choppy and unattractive. I tried adjusting the Max/Min Effects Framerate and nothing happens at all. I prefer the percentage option because it doesn't slow it down but rather just makes the effect less dense, which is much more aesthetically pleasing. Also to note, no relogging was necessary for this to work. Any way to bring back the percentage adjustment for all eye candy? I really, really miss it.
  12. Particle Percentage Problem

    Wow, fantastic, thank you bluap! I'm playing with it now and fountains, fires, teleports, teleportation, and ground bag all work as you described. And the shift-F9 is great, thank you for thinking of that! This is great, thank you so much! (I know, I know, silly things but they make me very happy! )
  13. Particle Percentage Problem

    Yes, I tested out the old effects, they are okay but obviously nowhere near as nice as the eye candy. I'd prefer the current eye candy to have the user option to use the percentage values, if it's at all possible. I've tried the frame rate settings and that just makes things slow and choppy. Lessening the density is a much nicer way to control it.
  14. Particle Percentage Problem

    Thank you for the explanation, bluap. Is there any way it can be put back in use for all eye candy?
  15. banned alts

    How convenient, your brother just happened to also have 6 alts that he just happened to want to have all online at the same time you just had to have your 6 on. Of course.
  16. banned alts

    You had 12 characters on at once at one point today.
  17. EXP Bonus after the kill

    Stouxy, you seriously don't know what you are talking about. And "better", just like "beauty", is in the eye of the beholder. You alone are not the arbitrator of "better". And please watch your language or you will find yourself with missing posts.
  18. EXP Bonus after the kill

    Psssst Kaddy! Radu asked you a question.
  19. EXP Bonus after the kill

    I don't hate Kaddy in the slightest - we go back way before you ever knew EL existed. You have to remember, a good number of us know what EL was...before it was overrun with "modern gaming" people. And we loved it that way. As you say, there are millions of games to choose from. Why on earth should they all be the same? If you love OL's game mechanics so much, go play OL. If you love League and Fortnight, then go there. But don't expect everyone else to love them, or want to change our own game into something completely different to be like those. I don't consider being overrun with the type of modern gamer you describe as a good thing. New players are great, yes. But new players who want what EL offers, not bribed to come because of promises the game is working on being like League.
  20. EXP Bonus after the kill

    You are missing the point. If you are so anxious to get to the end, then just leave the game already. The game was not supposed to have the end be reachable. You know, "Eternal" Lands. The game is about what happens along the way. "Modern gameplay" sucks if your version is all it's about.
  21. EXP Bonus after the kill

    There are loads of things to do. You just don't want to do anything except whatever gets you the most amount of a/d leveling for the least amount of cost in the least amount of time. EL is not just about invasions and 179 a/d.
  22. EXP Bonus after the kill

    I'm sorry but I am going to have to prove you wrong. 1. I read your entire post. 2. I agree with you. It seems that the point isn't playing the game anymore. People are either buying pre-leveled characters or they're constantly begging for ways to get more, more, more, faster, faster, faster, wanting instant gratification play-for-me-button "play" in a race to be done with the game. Then they whine they are bored in EL and threaten to leave if they don't get their way. The game part of EL was supposed to be the actual journey through an MMORPG - instead we get people buying their way through, macroing their way through, and nagging for things to always be made easier and faster. Nothing is ever good enough. I just don't get it, either. I really don't.
  23. Sir_odie

    Keep in mind that official customs are very strict (i.e. nothing obscene or trashy or badly done) and must keep in the EL medieval theme. Any submissions are subject to approval first.
  24. I've been trying to compile for about a week now and just can't get past the cal3d errors. I don't know if it's an easy fix for an include that wasn't included, or if my cal3d is malfunctioning. Any input appreciated. https://pastebin.com/vDebsvNc Hmm, I guess we can't use code option anymore. At least I can't find it.
  25. cal3d CalCore* errors when compiling

    So far, cal3d compiled successfully with your fix, bluap. Will try the client again. Whoa, hallelujah, it works! Client compiled and I'm on it. Thank you SO much!