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  1. why always combat related. could use EEE in manu window to increase the chance of making rare items, for example.
  2. Many idea's (and headaches) for/about EL

    This. Could exchange some EFE recipies to other ess, like Enriched energy (which has so little use atm).
  3. Newbies & Magic & Haidir

    when you start the game and have 40-60MP, you dont really need restoration. You dont really need it til you get col or rdholam. Heal is enough for start.
  4. EXP Bonus after the kill

    i always found el counter-intuitive. The fun about killing stuff is getting loot. But the faster you kill, the less exp you get. and then people think its better this way. i have no clue whatsoever.
  5. As an ex-player, thank you for all the memories

    ive quit maybe 10 times already. but i just keep coming back.
  6. Make Alchemy Great Again! ;-)

    making essies is profitable. when making LE, you get ELE when making WE, you get EWE when making FE, you get EFE when making ME, you get EME i.e. getting eme when mixing ME almost doubles the profits. The only issues I see with essies: -some essies don't give enriched ones (boring), (could give enrichment stones, for example). -alembic price too high (could use enriched energy ess(maybe multiple, or break more often) instead of EFE, for example). This would also provide another use for EEE -spirit ess NPC price waay too low (seriously though, should be closer to death ess)
  7. Generating an Income, creating an RPG feel

    arguing about game balance, when theres barely anyone coming? You first have to get people to start playing, and then worry if they would stay.. The issue here is that players do not come. @starscreamer Im not sure which planet you come from. i can't count how many MMORPGS are free to play with microtransactions. I can count on my fingers the ones that charge to play a game. And no, there are no profesional games who have webpages as shitty as EL. At least not any that have been released in recent years. even indie games, who don't have much, if any, funding have a webpage apropriate for gaming industries. Take a look at no man's sky or albion online. The only one with a simplier webpage i could find is sea of stars, and even then, its pleasant to look at and has news on the front page - and thats a game which has steam as it's main source of sales.
  8. Generating an Income, creating an RPG feel

    Doesn't look professional. its functional, but thats about it. Especially so for in-game UI. Go to any game's website and take a look, then compare it with EL. anyone who plays any mmo, and stumbles here would most definitely quit because the first impression is awful.
  9. Generating an Income, creating an RPG feel

    1. Balance is not the main issue here. 2. It has been proven by countless games that F2P games are more profitable, thats why most games nowadays is either f2p or moving from p2p to f2p. There are 3 main reasons why EL is not popular and new people don't come often: 1. terrible terrible website. Its hard to navigate, and the design reminds more of a 15-year old creatign his first webpage, rather than an actual game website. People first go to the webpage, and when a web page is that bad, nobody really expects anything from the game itself and leave. 2. Terrible User interface and animations. Whats the second thing people see when going into the game? yeah... the interface... its OMFG WTF IS THIS SHIT bad. Same goes for animatins - walk animation is terrible, there are no animations for skilling. 3. No ads. Really, nowadays there are so many mmorpgs you either have to advertise or have a REALLY good game to succeed, really, if Radu changed the website and UI, people would actually start playing instead of quitting before they even enter the game. And if he got even a few global ads (youtube, google ads), you would start seeing people comming in. I would actually really like to start playing EL again if it had a future. I really enjoy training for some reason and chatting with people here. I enjoy it a lot. But its just too dead to bother. :/
  10. prices

    increasing rare rate (drop chance) will solve this problem Doesn't higher drop rate mean less income for radu? Someone buys serpent stones from item shop? Well i guess there are morons everywhere. As for income for radu. Yeah, it will drop if he changes efe/eme/bindings. And he has to deal with it and start working on the game, or otherwise #of people playing will keep dropping, which will mean even less income. I'm not talking about npc prices only, but they are a problem as well. Honestly, im amazed how little progress this game had for 10 years. It still uses the original webpage and in game UI, which even then were beyond terrible.
  11. prices

    Hydro, wolfram and seridium bars are not worth making at all, too. Titanium ore sells to npc for 2.5. more than to players. Feasting pots 12 from npc... 14 from ppl. and sooner or later everything will reach the prices of npcs. There has to be changes, and stopping making dailies with gc rewards is a step (albeit small) in the right direction. I'm losing any motivation to keep playing EL after doing some research... Its becoming a game of "farm gold from mobs to buy stuff from npc" game for me. which is not fun AT ALL. I really hope there will be changes to npc prices soon, although its unlikely :/
  12. Defence reduction potions

    mistake: weights 5 2 emu They also apparently don't reduce below level 21. might be % or something else, but my alt with 28 def cant go below -7def.
  13. Farewell all

    Im with Aislin Furthermore, you should have seen it coming. Trusting people you don't know is the easiest way to get scammed. Your own fault, you should be mad at yourself.
  14. prices

    Only if you can spend gc to buy el coins from npc. But then there would be no need for el coin to begin with, radu could just put all items for gc and give gc for $ and it would have the same effect. But if you can trade el coins for gc to other players only, it would only swap hands, which wouldnt work. gc needs to leave game for inflation to stop. (added the bold) And for that players need to buy from NPC, donate to NPC, etc. So having capped prices on armours, weapons etc through NPC actually helps slow down inflation in two ways: prices are capped, and players buying from NPC remove gc from the game... Soon we will buy everything from NPC. i bet you will enjoy it, i certainly do not. There are ther ways to counter inflation that do not take away two of the major parts of ANY MMORPG: 1. trading 2. dropping or making your own equipment.
  15. prices

    Only if you can spend gc to buy el coins from npc. But then there would be no need for el coin to begin with, radu could just put all items for gc and give gc for $ and it would have the same effect. But if you can trade el coins for gc to other players only, it would only swap hands, which wouldnt work. gc needs to leave game for inflation to stop.