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  1. Haidir quest does not complete.

    well;l yes. Anyway it was an irritating and costly three days and frankly I am not enjoying playing and this was the last straw, so may see you around some time, may not.
  2. Haidir quest does not complete.

    In all but one case I did. Well I know that too. But surely someone - radu - must know what the rules are here? Or has whoever coded it up vanished from mortal ken? Even if you argue it's not an implementation bug, it is a documentation bug. If range kills don't work in mêlée, what makes you think that sword kills in mêlée would? Is this why no one uses summons to pin monsters for quests?
  3. Haidir quest does not complete.

    That does not compute. The ONE time when the FCW was down to 3 points and a bunny dealt the killer blow it did not register in my stats. In all other cases they have died with 10+HP on them by arrow shot. The bunnies are not capable of killing on their own, they do little or no damage. In all cases I am pouring arrows into them (FCW) at close range and doing the vast majority of the damage and administering the killer blow. It's not clear anywhere who gets credit for mêlée kills: Or what the point of summons are, if they can't be used to assist with kills
  4. This is a really weird one. My alt is LadyFlame. Probably my main char these days. Anyway I try and do a Haidir quest daily. Three days ago it came up as Vulca. I looked in a certain crib sheet and saw that Vulca was 30 Cockatrice in WVF, so I shot 31 of them. But the quest didn't end. On the way I killed a forest Chimeran as well. Then I looked at the crib sheet and saw that in fact Vulca could also be 30 Forest chimeran in WVF, so I killed 30 of those. The quest didn't end, I am now over 40 FCW and the quest continues. Now the technique I eventually used on the FCW because they are over my pay grade with a sword, and WVF is a difficult place to range, was to use summoned tank rabbits to pin the FCW so I could range them without them running off. The FCW all registered on my counters, as my kills except one where the last killer blow was administered by a tank rabbit. Is it simply the case that for Haidir purposes the only way to register a kill is to have done all the damage yourself? And even using magic doesn't work? I am now stuck it seems in a never ending quest. Can anyone help? (PS: it seems that if you log out and in again, and go to the NPC, the quest appears again in the quest log)
  5. 100% CPU/distorted sound Linux Mint 17.1

    Manage to stumble through git and dependency hell and the client finally built no problems. It runs a lot faster and so far hasn't gone weird on me.
  6. 100% CPU/distorted sound Linux Mint 17.1

    Aislinn: No errors shown in the logs from the time the problem happens. I think I am running pure alsa these days. Not sure where the git cli8ant program is..I'll go looking for it
  7. sometimes for a while, on EL only , the CPU on my machine goes to 100% and the sound gets very distorted. After a while, it goes away. Anyone have any ideas?
  8. prices

    Definitely think the whole EL economy is - like any soviet top down imposed one - totally borked. A rational approach would be to work right through everything in terms of how many minutes it takes to make an item from all harvested ing. including food, and then assign a 'standard hourly rate' If it depends on 'special items' well that's different again, but for normal stuff it should be that way. As for noobs - well its tough being a noob no matter what, but it soon passes. I shouldn't be able to mine coal/iron ore and sell it for more money per hour than turning it into e.g. steel bars. At the moment my alt is ruthless in whether she is making money or levelling up. And as skill levels rise in combat, its actually more profitable at an hourly rate to kill and loot than to do any harvesting or mixing. That is not right.
  9. Game Crashes ?

    MM looks like a DOS attack. Got thrown off but reconnected and all OK at the moment. 51ms latency seems within normal range for me
  10. For those of you in the USA - especially Western US, it seems from on-line chitchat that getting to Europe has been an issue. This is culled from somewhere and may be useful to understand what is going on, and why ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You will have seen the news (having a general awareness is sort of mandatory for network operators) so I shouldn't need to tell you about Sandy, and the fairly major flooding to everything below ground in downtown NYC. I've been keeping an eye on things. Outages are primarily divided into two: 1. Submarine and backhaul capacity - generally backhaul. This has affected transatlantic capacity, particularly on TAT14 (one leg was undergoing maintenance and the other failed) and Yellow/AC2 (failure in backhaul from the landing station). I believe these have been restored. Not checked yet this morning 2. Datacentre power operations Every major DC in NYC/NY is out of utility (mains) power and running on generators. Some have suffered problems where diesel tanks and pumps are in the basement (fire regs) and have suffered diesel contamination and pump failure due to flooding. In particular, your timestamped problems coincide with generator problems at 111 8th, which is a massive building housing many colos including TelX and Equinix, resulting in power failures to various suites there. Most recent incident today was a fuel pump failure, resulting in a 40 minute failure to some suites. However, in other locations, whole DC buildings have been offline for hours/days. You are likely to see this continuing for days to come. Urban areas currently without utility power might not have it restored for some days. -- Will Hargrave Technical Director LONAP
  11. Map Editor Download

    FileFactory File not found Still not found :-) IS there a current Linux editor?
  12. video/release bugs: Linux

    OK. Somehow I had TWO clients running simultaneously. All sorted and speed is back
  13. video/release bugs: Linux

    Well I found the problem. The 1.93 update to the actual rendered objects hadn't worked using GUI tools so I did it the old fashioned way, and now the clothes and arrows are back BUT something appalling has happened to the frame rate. Used to get 30-50 now crawling at 12-15? Same on all available builds of the client too. Looks like processing all those clothes is now screwing up the video or summat Even poor man don't give me any speed sheesh. software upgrades. Who needs em
  14. video/release bugs: Linux

    Ok I stumbled through the source compile and managed to get a working binary (says 1.9.3 p2) but it STILL shows the same bug. Although it seems to be a good fast and cleaner and smaller binary than the official 1.9.3 release (2.8Mbytes versus 6.6Mbytes!!?? I suspect its using non statically linked libraries or summat) Hmm Something else also happened some time ago..training arrows showed the wrong image in my inventory. I'll go and buy some and see if that's still an issue as well yup see here http://vps.templar.co.uk/el/Training_arrows_display_bug.png Something weird has happened to my rendering maps maybe any ideas?
  15. video/release bugs: Linux

    cant use that debian package - this system is too old to have the correct libraries. Might have to compile from source..or upgrade the OS to squeezse..sigh. Another week sorting incompatibilities and rebuilding stuff then.