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Found 1 result

  1. This is a really weird one. My alt is LadyFlame. Probably my main char these days. Anyway I try and do a Haidir quest daily. Three days ago it came up as Vulca. I looked in a certain crib sheet and saw that Vulca was 30 Cockatrice in WVF, so I shot 31 of them. But the quest didn't end. On the way I killed a forest Chimeran as well. Then I looked at the crib sheet and saw that in fact Vulca could also be 30 Forest chimeran in WVF, so I killed 30 of those. The quest didn't end, I am now over 40 FCW and the quest continues. Now the technique I eventually used on the FCW because they are over my pay grade with a sword, and WVF is a difficult place to range, was to use summoned tank rabbits to pin the FCW so I could range them without them running off. The FCW all registered on my counters, as my kills except one where the last killer blow was administered by a tank rabbit. Is it simply the case that for Haidir purposes the only way to register a kill is to have done all the damage yourself? And even using magic doesn't work? I am now stuck it seems in a never ending quest. Can anyone help? (PS: it seems that if you log out and in again, and go to the NPC, the quest appears again in the quest log)