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  1. New Windows Client Build Process

    Will it still run on Win7?
  2. Not sure if bug or intended

    Based on what I've seen, it's intentional. I think you will have to make a case to Radu for making a change.
  3. Sound code correction suggestion

    Even if the server is giving directional information for that sound, I think it should be possible for it then to be modified based on camera rotation vs player orientation. Just need to have someone look into how the client is handling the sounds in detail.
  4. Currently the Client keeps none of that data, so that would require a shole new subsystem to keep track of the most recent information per Character.
  5. android doesn't run over data only WiFi?

    One possible reason is there are major Cisco VOIP solutions that use port 2000, and I'm not sure about other systems. This isn't the first time I've heard about a cell phone provider block port 2000.
  6. Rent-A-Ant

    Now offering Rent-A-Ant! It will follow you around where you go for one month for a $5 fee! Discounted rate of $50/yr is also available. Normal yearly bot fees to Radu apply, no blessings allowed. To get one: 1. Paypal me $5 with your name & the ants name to stevew@pcann.com. pay Radu directly or thru me the yearly bot fee 2. Create an player called Ant_<your name here> 3. Add Human nexus if you want them to be able to wear armor, make sure they have a reasonable Perception 4. Consider if it should have MM or not and what stats (an Ant can NOT be Blessed) 5. Have it join your guild it you want it to 6. wait 7. I'll change the PW, add to my server, and post that the slave has been rented 8. PM the Ant_Queen the word 'slave' to make your Ant login 9. If your ant logs off without being told to, you may need to repeat step 6 If you don't understand these instructions, maybe you should not rent an ant? Note: the bots password will be changed once I give the server control of it Several commands you can PM your slave: 1. beam 2. sit 3. stand 4. stay 5. heel (or follow) 6. come (only if the can see you) 7. die or bye (logoff) 8. tport (attempt to teleport to the next map if they know of a teleporter there) 9. where (get a PM with the coords the slave is at so you can find it) 10. left to turn left 11. right to turn right 12. forward 13. backward 14. dance (followed by specific moves, uncrowded areas only) 15. wear 16. pm 17. ring (use a teleport ring) 18. trade (enable/disable trade with all, defaults to enabled) (as of 10/11/2014 ants will only trade with their owner) 19. inventory 20. get (coming soon) 21. suicide More commands will be added as their use is evaluated and potential for abuse. Abuse of an Ant will can be punished by Rental cancellation Without Refund. They WILL NOT MULE or harvest or fight for you! They are currently for looks and fun! The Pets/Ants can log out automatically if you are out of the game for a short time. Please be nice to other players and don't abandon them near crowded areas. A Premium version is available for $100/yr extra allows your Pet/Ant to be changed into a Fox. Changes approved by Radu 10/11/2014 * Ants will be given commands to trade items back to you * Ants will be permitted to carry items/inventory for players * Ants will be subject to the Yearly basic Bot Fee paid to Radu )on top of the fee to me) * Trading with any player will be disabled to prevent abuse. They will now only trade with their owner The pet ants being allowed to carrying items for their owner and trading them back is a special exception to the bot rules by Radu for rented/pet ants on 10/11/2014.
  7. android doesn't run over data only WiFi?

    Sounds like it's the cellphone company doing something. The EL android client doesn't care and doesn't limit it.
  8. Problem with Questlog

    Quest logs are handled client side only, so wqhen you use multiple system each one may get a portion of the log and you will have to open both to see where you are at.
  9. Make all Big Books Makeable

    or much less ACP would be needed. ACP basically helps prevent mass production of these after all.
  10. Make all Big Books Makeable

    I see it as magically transferring the experience. So it's a magic item not an ordinary book. Think about it more ... you write a book and then read it yourself. It obviously isn't a normal book or you wouldn't gain that much exp!
  11. Make all Big Books Makeable

    I've always thought that writing Big Books should remove more exp from the player then the reader gets.
  12. KF 130 cap.

    Unless Radu has changed how the caps work, players who's stats have been lowered by the caps will still have higher MP & EP then others, giving them an advantage still, but not as great as if they hadn't been capped.
  13. Neno hunting rules and bans

    ref: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?/topic/61004-alts-ban/&do=findComment&comment=592667 ... and then you continue here with trying to ask or argue about what rule has been broken. Since you still haven't been paying attention to that info, locking this topic and you can wait to hear from Radu
  14. alts ban

    If Radu booted you, he is the only one that can cite anything ... and a valid answer from him is "your chars pissed me off", doesn't even have to be a posted printed rule.he is God and you listen to what he demands.
  15. Log-off @ min/max

    There is also a FullScreen setting available on th Video settings which requires a restart, There are technical reasons why changing the resolution requires a restart.
  16. EL on the raspberry pi

    If I remember correctly, servers,lst is only grabbed from the working directory that the program starts from.
  17. Guild Stone

    I think the descriptions should be clear that only Guildies that are currently online get exp. Less paperwork for Radu and lowers abuse.
  18. New client binaries for testing

    Maybe consider renaming Fonts to Fonts/Sizing to help?
  19. Mobs that can range players

    Yes, a horde of invaded mobs ranging players would be great!
  20. Haidir quest does not complete.

    The issue is that Ranging is not actually melee as to how the server works & thinks.
  21. Issues like that just means the server would have to track restrictions, name history, and other factors.
  22. Cant Login since today morning [solution on second page]

    My web pages (such as the TOP 100 players) has a Donate Button/link at the bottom or you can contact me privately and I can give you details as well.
  23. Seems reasonable. Have it cost 100K gc per use which goes to Darrock's storage. Nah, the GC poofs instead of going to any players or mods.
  24. efe...fire arrows

    Start mass mixing FE to get your EFE's cheaper
  25. server box

    Settings->Chat includes settings for whether Server Messages should be treate4d separately or not. Following Darrocks suggestion will get you back to seeing all the channels at once, or you change the current channel and filtering by clicking the other boxes.