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  1. I guess I am in a banned IP range

    No problem, I am in the same guesthouse since yesterday. So I will even make vacation from EL until next week See you later.
  2. I guess I am in a banned IP range

    Hmm .. if this is the case, I have no clue why this doesn't work. But this is good to know, that you for the info. I will continue investigating.
  3. I guess I am in a banned IP range

    I am on vacation in Italy. Yesterday I started my daily haidir quest but since today in the moring no more login is possible, that means once I push the login button nothing happens, even no error message. Could it be that the provider of my guesthouse is in a banned IP range? Thank you very much. -Erdie
  4. Sound code correction suggestion

    Hi Bluap, thank you for your reply I am sure that nobody will miss the old behavior once it is changed but nevertheless, a switch would be nice. I asked for that long, long ago and at that time Roja said to me that this is not possibe because the server has no information about the camera angle. I canĀ“t believe that, because the client places the mono samples into the panorama by mixing between the channels left/right and the client actuall must know the angle of the camera since it renders the video output. But when investigating the souce code I still have not found where the direction of mono sounds is passed to the sound library. Actually I have no idea how it works. BTW: Is there a place within LNX for me?
  5. Dear all, I recently restarted playing EL. As you probably remember I contributed as a sound designer many years ago. I would like to continue to work on improvements. But first of all there is code change I would like to suggest: Mono sound files played by the game engine are mapped to the stereo panorama depending on the angle between the game actor and the relative direction of the actor and the sound source. Since this angle is not identical to the users/camera perspective it produces misleading results. For instance: If the actors face points to the camera, a sound source (e.g. monster) on the left side of the actor is played from the right side (loudspeaker/headset). IMHO it would be MUCH better if the spatial reference of sound is the camera angle and not the actor angle. If you agree with this I would like to ask if someone could support me to change this because I have only basic C programming skills. After this is working I would like to continue working on sound improvements maybe via a separate sound file git repo for the ogg files. What is your opinion? regards Erdie
  6. OpenGL 2.0 test client

    martin@kellerkind /usr/share/games/eternal-lands $ ~/el-opengl2.x86_64.linux.dynamic.optimised.korrode.2.bin Segmentation fault EDIT: Now it works with a self compiled version on gentoo, forgot to copy some files (hard to find in this long thread). When i press on tap for the map it crashes. EDIT: On slow maps like MM it is much faster. If you are inside where fps is very fast normally, it is a bit slower than the old client. For example: VOTD inside about 300 fps with gl2 client, about 500 fps with the old one. In MM i get about double fps if the camera is turned to the ground and i look to the horizon. It runs more smooth, too.
  7. EL Hardware

    Ofc not, just adjust the file key.ini
  8. EL Hardware

    This Keyboard costs me about 7 Euro !
  9. EL Hardware

    Vacation? Why?
  10. EL Hardware

    Hi, I just want to introduce my idea for an Eternal Lands hardware based gadget: EL - keyboard. \o/ Very useful for notebook users. What do you think about it? -Erdie
  11. Sounds are truncated

    Whoow great Many thanks, Bluap. BTW: Shouldn't it be a good idea to report this to the openal guys? AFAIK it is a openal bug (even i dont understand why nobody else found it).
  12. Video Mode 1920x1080 (full hd)

    Using the new CVS its works fine, Full HD + fullscreen. tyvm
  13. Video Mode 1920x1080 (full hd)

    Thank you all for replying. So far HD resolution work on the TV, even with the old D-Sub VGA interface (I dont have hdmi at my Laptop). I can make Twinview or use the TV as the main screen only. In general I figured out that EL is much faster in fullscreen mode, so in critical situations like PK I am switching to fullscreen with alt-return. In a twinview setup with high resolutions the overall performance decreaes a bit (I guess bc of the amount of data the graphic card has to deal with). Therefore it would be very useful to have this mode available. I will check the newest CVS, test it and give a feedback. @Bluap: Feel free to come and visit me. Lets play together but dont forget to tell the other moderators that you will have my IP address temporary I also will offer you excellent german beer - as much as you like. -Erdie
  14. Hi, Since I am a proud owner of a Full HD (1920x1080) 55" TV, I evidently tried to play EL on this device. I just figured out, that 1920x1080 is not provided as a standard video mode in the list and therefore there is no way to use fullscreen bc while using custom resolution you will get the error message "stop playing with video modes .." Is there a reason that this mode isn't supported as a standard preset? .. Or would it be a big effort to implement this? tyvm Erdie
  15. Sounds are truncated

    In the meantime I figured out that even all new openal versions have this issue. This lets me assume that there could be a general compatiblilty problem in the game client and not in openal. I cannot imagine that openal has such a servere bug which was never detected by other users. The only working version is being removed from many distributions, including Gentoo so to get working sound you have to install in manually.