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  1. 1 hour ago, alekos said:

    How can I reach it via a way that is not possible? I only clicked the regular interface button  the "Need help" button for this npc.

    As Revi said, its a message from the server that is not expected to ever be sent under normal usage and something for Radu to consider.  The server has protections for misuse from modified clients but it is perhaps not 100% reliable; probably erring on the side of false possitives.  I would assume the response is to that perceived misuse.  I am not suggesting at all, that you did anything wrong or that the language is necessary.  One client base feature that can sometimes trigger server protections is the use of the repeat function.  This was added to the client relatively recently (considering the age of the game) and so may lead to code paths that the server is not expecting.


    As an aside, I've checked the client source for use of similar terms and there was one error log which a user would likely never see due to the nature of the error and where the error is logged.  I've removed it anyway.

  2. If it was fine before, both old and new clients have the problem and a fresh el.ini does not fix it then it could something else with your system.  If you had a crash and it has been and issue since then could be a hardware issue?  Have you had other crashes before?  Does other software work OK?  Have you tried other games that may stretch the GPU?  It may be worth doing a system check such as a memory check of your GPU.  TBH, I'm guessing a bit.

  3. 2 hours ago, Aislinn said:

    Two issues I notice and it just happened recently:


    1. I can't go between tab map and F1 anymore.  I can do main screen to tab and back again, I can do F1 to main and back again, but I can't go tab to F1 anymore.  I can go from F1 to tab, though (but not back again).


    2. My map marks seem to be gone on my tab maps.  Is there a path to tab maps that might have been changed with one of these most recent client changes?  It seems like I'm accessing a different set of maps, such as maybe an alt's?  I have my alts with their own server in servers.lst, and they each have their own set of marker files.  I've done this for years and never had an issue until just recently.  I do see all my markers in main screen. Update on this: It seems to have something to do with ctrl f but I can't replicate it and still one or two markers did show up. Now I can't make them go away again with ctrl f.  I don't know if this is a new problem with the new client or something else going on.

    Nothing like that has been changed.  For me TAB->F1->TAB all works as it always has.  Though just to check, from the console, F1 returns to the main screen window.  From a tab map, TAB returns to the main screen.  To go from console to tab-map, you press TAB. To go from tab-map to console, you press F1.


    All my marks are there as I'd expect and ctrl-f works as expected.  The only thing related is that the new way to display the tab maps now requires a font size of around 1.0 rather than my previous 0.3 for map marks.

  4. It would probably help if you provided a bit more information.  However, if you have security software installed on your computer that blocks network connections, it cold be that you need to allow EL to access the internet.

  5. On 07/07/2020 at 5:52 AM, Baba_Hanouna said:

    Hi there,


    I just found out that the eltime-appindicator (Version 0.9.1) for Linux (installed from package Manager) doesn't work on Mint Mate 19.3.


    Is there another applet I can use ? Or another utility ?


    Since the el-bot service & Mercator Information Service webpage didn't display the right information I cannot see if there is a special day in EL without connecting on it.


    Hi.  Could you expand on "doesn't work" please.  Does it run but the time is not updated for example?

  6. 14 hours ago, Kaddy said:

    Okay, I'll explain one by one, as simple as I can;


    - Option to disable dynamic for ALL others but my character. This is for invasioning, all other players or mobs would be green health bar, so when your hp is low, you can see much more easier.

    - Option to disable dynamic for only mobs but players. This is for instancing, mobs would be green but it would give you ability to realize your team member's hps are down so you can act.

    - Ability to change color of taken damage to only my character. Especially in the times of Iglow, there are alot of damage all around the players so you can differ the damage ON YOUR CHAR easier.

    - Ability to change height of TAKEN DAMAGE on my char, along side of height of banner (which you already can with instance mode). I use instance mode and keep the height of my banner just around the damage height so I can keep track of both easier. With the latest change, you increase the height of banner and the damage taken goes really high.

    - Ability to change color of the health bar of MY CHAR, lets say golden, so all others are green and you can differ your hp bar easier. This would be amazing if we could use it like when you are full hp, it is golden (or any color we want) and when it starts to go down, goes orange, red, dark red etc. Like dynamic but just with different color setup (like you can in excel :D )


    I have a dream :P


    Hopefully part of what you wanted:

    • Added variable height option for the floating heal/damage messages in instance mode. Previously, it was a fixed hight above the banner.
    • There are now three options to disable the banner colour change:
      • For yourself, the health and mana display.
      • For other players, the health display.
      • For creatures, the health display.

    I'm still thinking about being able to have alternative colours.

  7. 1 hour ago, Grum said:

    The X's problem should be fixed now.

    How do you mean? The tab map seems to resize just fine when I change the video mode.

    For me, if you resize the main window while the tab map is open, it does not resize until you close then reopen the tab map window.


    This fixes it for me:

    diff --git a/mapwin.c b/mapwin.c
    index 9e7ffc17..b0d5bc15 100644
    --- a/mapwin.c
    +++ b/mapwin.c
    @@ -220,6 +220,7 @@ static int resize_map_root_handler(window_info *win, int width, int height)
            if (get_show_window(win->window_id))
                    init_hud_interface (HUD_INTERFACE_GAME);
    +       reload_tab_map = 1;
            return 1;


  8. 16 minutes ago, Aislinn said:


    The map marks seem to be in the correct positions.  Window size is Userdefined of 1024x864.  Also I often resize on the fly, if that matters for anything.


    Also of note, even though the red x goes screwy off the map when I pick a spot, I seem to walk to where I wanted to walk, but the blue x indicating my location is wrong.

    I'm not seeing the issue with the X but it does not rescale when you change the window size, you have to restart which is a problem.

  9. 7 hours ago, Grum said:

    I've added a semi-transparent black outline around the font, similar to the one around the default font. This seems to help with the washout, but I've now spent so much time staring at the login screen I'm not sure what I'm seeing anymore :) Let me know if this works for you, as this is only tested on a high-res screen.

    That looks much better, better for both TTF and non-TTF.  The map window is fine too.  Probably just takes getting use to the difference.  Thanks for following up.

  10. @Grum

    I'm not sure I like the commit today of "Tidy up map window.".  While is its true the the previous behaviour gave a stretched appearance, it also have better separation of marks for busy maps.  Now everything is a little small on my system (1080p on this laptop).  This is just my opinion, and we should see what other say but I thought I'd let you know.  Edit: I just showed my wife who also plays.  She says its fine so what do I know.


    Also, the login screen username/password text is still not right IMHO.  The shadow is too much on the old fixed fonts and it merges the letters into each other on the TT fonts I'm using.

  11. 11 hours ago, Kaddy said:

    I have downloaded and updated the new GIT.


    Disabling color change is fine, but what I really wanted is to disable it for players/mobs individually. I mean, when I want to disable the dynamic color change, I still want my health bar to change dynamicly. The purpose of this request is for people to keep track of their hp's in a much better manner especially in high populated invasions etc. In my scenerio, everything would be green and my bar would be to orange/red etc.


    EDIT# Also, right now with height increase upon banner + instance mode, the damage shown is WAAAY too high. I think being able to adjust its height would be much better.

    OK.  Just to be absolutely sure, which of these:

    1. One option to disable the change for creatures, but not for you or any other player.
    2. Or, one option to display the change for creatures and other players, but not for you.

    There is already a height control for the banner in instance mode.  You want a separate height control for the damage rather than be relative to the banner?