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    Straight outta the hellfire. \o/
  1. Hai, lots of you might not even know me and others will be like "oh em gee it's Gohan" with either lots of luffs or hatez. Anyway, I drop by randomly now and then to say hi told old friends of mine, or partners in crime. I noticed a lot of LoL usernames around here, mostly champion names. So I wanted to share that I recently fixed some crap with my pc and some programs and wanted to pick up on streaming a bit. Mostly this will be League of Legends, perhaps other games aswell, depending on how everything goes I may buy a capture card for my tv to play console games on stream. So if you're bored during harvesting or don't know what to do, why don't you swing by at http://www.twitch.tv/dragonar_t and say hello to me? When online I will usually give commentary about what I'm doing or how the game goes, I have a pretty good knowledge of the game. Just to note, at the time of this post - it's 2:30am for me and I'm not actually online, probably I will view Worlds in the morning and stream in the afternoon/evening in soloQQ. But that's in at least 12 hours from now. Anyway, I hope to see some of you pass by and perhaps some of you would like to follow me on twitch/FB. Gl hf and don't get bored harvesting! -Gohan EDIT: P.S.: there is a single highlight that I made after a few tryout streams this week, including my first ranked Pentakill, so why don't you check that out while you're out there?
  2. bought shyhermit for a freind

    I'm sure drug stores made a good deal out of painkillers for all the headaches people get from reading this. I do have to say it's surprising what levels of "stupid" some people achieve in their lives. Should get this guy a nobel prize or something. x)
  3. very old players

    Holy crap, just saw this thread. I recognize a lot of names I had forgotten around here. x) Don't remember the exact date but I'm sure I was already around 2003-2004 aswell. I actually recently had a talk with Kat about old players of this game and having a meeting up of oldies or something. Haha. ^^ Funny to see this the day after.
  4. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    I've been busy no-lifing D3, is the sulfur order still on hold, if it is I'll try to check for LadyBlue on players page to pick it up. Thanks. -Gohan
  5. Thermal Serp(!) and some other stuff

    Thermal was sold ingame. -Gohan
  6. Thermal Serp(!) and some other stuff

    I'd accept it but I have really no use for a OSoMN. Maybe you can find someone that wants to trade 50 hydro bars for it. -Gohan
  7. Thermal Serp(!) and some other stuff

    Updated the main post, price for thermal serp was changed. Updated the selling section. Added a trading section. Updated the buying section. -Gohan P.S.: Yes, a lot of blabla and bubu for saying BUMP.
  8. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hi, I'd like to order 25k sulfur. I believe that'll make: 10k Sulfur (24.5k) [bATCH 1] 10k Sulfur (24.5k) [bATCH 2] 5k Sulfur (12.25k) [bATCH 3] Grand total of ... 61.25k I believe. I tried to put my order in your format from what I saw posted. Thanks. -Gohan
  9. Hai, selling some stuffs from my storage. Thermal sold. Thanks for the interest! 602 Training Arrows 3 Ring of MMD Sslessar Summon Stone 1 Serpent Stone 2 Binding Stone 2 EFE I'm also interested in buying coal. Also trading 5k LEs for ingreds + food, trading 5k FEs for ingreds + food. I'll check up any sources I have to see if I think offers are fair. I reserve the right not to sell any of my items if I do not like your offer or your face. ^^ -Gohan Edited the whole post.
  10. Assertion... wut?

    Got it to work, there is still something I don't really get about my pc, but it's cool, I found some folder with EL files that got stored somewhere. Deleted those and then the right files jumped in. Thanks for the help anywayz. -Gohan
  11. Assertion... wut?

    I'll take a look at it altho I had already removed the Eternal Lands main folders and stuff too... I can't think where else I could have any files saved. -Gohan
  12. Assertion... wut?

    Yes..... All files and EL-related stuff should have been gone, unless it has saved files somewhere on my pc that I don't even know about. -Gohan
  13. Assertion... wut?

    Perhaps you didn't see my first post? Reinstalling was the first thing I did. I'll give it another go but I doubt it'll make a difference? -Gohan Edit: Same results.
  14. Assertion... wut?

    I just downloaded the one from the download page, haven't been around in forever, did a new update get posted within forums? -Gohan
  15. Fifth Annual Raffle

    If I get EL to work I will give you guys a hand perhaps. -Gohan