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  1. God Please Save PK - Fighters

    By the looks of it, it seems that players are scared of the "drop" issue. Now it is true that we have no drop places such as KF and DPA, however, are many newbies/players aware of it? No there are already some players here that are not aware of KF or DPA being a no drop zone. Maybe its the matter of knowledge about the fact that these pk zones are no drop. Have like notices when entering KF or even before entering saying that KF is a NO DROP ZONE PK MAP. etc or other types of notices.
  2. God Please Save PK - Fighters

    KF is no drop, DP arena is no drop + single combat + capped levels and attributes
  3. God Please Save PK - Fighters

    tbh if you can afford a nmt, surely u can afford a pair of pants ...., most people have mage pants anyway, rare occasion some1 gets broded already, sword + fa = op? if u get hit by some1 with FA clearly u are low level .... no point to complain about FA, u should complain about why u cant dodge (noob levels). i reckon its mainly based on fair fights, most new players wouldnt have the man power to go pk
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    805k - re-offered
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