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  1. Remove PP buying

    Yea, but only if I had like max good astro and take attack blessing (that's +22 att lvls altogether) and use bronze sword ... We had a ff once, both with bronze swords, he was doing more than twice restores than me, it was close fight, but due to him having over 200 mana, I had to diss
  2. Remove PP buying

    He can't do much damage since the p/c are capped. I had to use degraded tit short because of his 48 vit and have really good astro
  3. Remove PP buying

    Here, I bolded this part for you in case you missed it Keyword being minimal, where as in pp buying that's not the case
  4. Remove PP buying

    Not playing EL anymore but I had to comment on this thread I totally agree with everything what conavar said here: +1 on removing PP buying P.S. - hc, you need better arguments on this topic, the ones i read aren't convincing enough
  5. Channel 6 "Evil" discussion

    I don't know what's going on and what kind of discussion was on ch 6, but I still voted for teletubbies
  6. Sell Unused Items

    I'll take the wormwood
  7. NMT Perk vs. NMT Cape

    nmt perk is for n00bs
  8. Gatherer Medallion

    You do realize that the person that did the most to the creature gets the bag? If someone comes when creature has low hp and attacks it, he won't get anything
  9. Bunting Arrows

    Last time when anthony and me killed MB, we got 117k gc and red dragon helm of life and mana, I think that's attractive enough But sometimes you can get even less than 1k gc, which sucks, maybe the minimum drop should be increased Anyway - I like the idea of Bunting Arrows, but 5 seconds are a bit too long I think
  10. EL 'trailer' movie needed (with contest)

    Nah I helped him with the dragon
  11. Storage!

    I'll take the beaver furs
  12. I was also perkless until I sold char 2 years ago (was 144 oa back then), and I pk'd and was at total war with PKG good ol' times
  13. 100k toads for sale

    Price for toads is 170k now Also selling 70k wormwood for 115k gc
  14. Auctioning: Orc Slayer of Mana Nullification

    I think the auction ended at 21:52 GMT +1 ... meaning wa's offer was last
  15. Yes because no att exp to go with the def exp. Myself I get the same amount of att exp as def exp training, if I PvP that cuts out a lot of exp per hour at the benifit of a little higher def exp. Well, you obviously don't know how to pvp