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  1. can`t log

    I just reinstalled EL, and all works fine. Probally was something missing in EL folder
  2. can`t log

    Hello, I just can`t log on my main char " Eadwine ". All others seconds chars it`s ok. When i insert my pass, the client just close without show any msg. -already tried Poor man -firewall deactivated thanks
  3. Alt rules

    So, 1-it's still allowed use an alt to pin mobs in invasions? 2- it's still allowed use an alt to pin mobs in bethel while you play at main char?
  4. Alt rules

    Ok ; 1 Rule- Very fair. 2 Rule- just take care, because some players use alts to train ranged/Mana Drain, and sometimes they are killed by any missclick. Or add the rule "#don't use your alt to train". <== what ill make really hard to lvling magic/ranged or broke armors, because EL don't have so much players who waste time on that kind of skills/quest. 3 Rule- I don't agreed. Mobs want attack players, especially in invasions. And use alt's to pin mobs at invasions & or Train defense ( Like i do with my alt) is just a wise Strategy. --Just to add... It's really hard take all mobs to gap def and make a good tank char. Especialy at Bethel (at the barrel or any other of the 5 places). When u finally got all mobs and be ready for fight, some player come and kill all your Desert C/Cyclops. It's ok i understand. it's part of the game. But train a good tank it's hard enough now, don't make it harder, we don't need that. And low level's players who are going to n00b instances, they really need a good tank for low instances to teach and make the game more fun. Anyway, just my Feedback; Luzbell.
  5. Looking for wtf/ice team

    Hello. I'm Luzbell at game, since adult life got me (college/work) , i don't have much time to do instances . So i'm looking a team for wtf/ice instances at weekends or wednesday. You can contact me in this forum, maybe ingame (just leave a msg /mercator tell Luzbell msg), or whatsapp me +556596390460 (better Whatsapp since i'm always online) and we find a good hour. Also, atm my char are 147/148 a/d 62 ranged full AP and some good redeemer perks. ~Luzbell
  6. Selling of some itens.

    I want to sell the following items : Radioactive Rapier No more tears cape 2- medallion of life Red dragon greave 3- nexus transfer Elven bow 2-Crown of life Steel plate 13k Health essence Bronze helm Emerald claymore 2 bronze sword Used cutlass Mirror cloak Day of Robin tell Stone Pm me at game- Luzbell, I will sell the items cheaper than any bot.
  7. Server Log

    I think differents colors for differents types of damage would be helpfull. I mean, differents color for critical damage, glow damage, Harm, poison..etc... I always made instance in 2~4hitters, and are hard to know how much I'AM hit, since we are all in same mob. This can help a lot in gameplay. Well, i guess colors can be a good way to know how much damage you are doing. Sorry about bad english. ~Luzbell.
  8. Ip ban

    Hi ?
  9. Ip ban

    Hello. My Ip was banned a few months ago, probably trying to re-connect often. Did not care about it before, because I had 2 Wifi 's in my house, now only I have one, but my ip is banned. Could please be unbanned ? respectfully, Luzbell.
  10. Time to say goodbye

    Wow 12 years, is a quite time. Farewell Punha, please continue visit to say hello. XxthorxX-Luzbell.
  11. Ban Invance 60-80

    Hi. My name in game is Luzbell. This account are banned from invances ... However about five months she changed her owner. I could be unbanned? I'm a good player, in another account (XxthorxX) never had problems with bans.