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  1. on this day no natural creatures respawn, when all natural creatures are dead excluding unicorn and badaran it triggers a global invasion automatically would be good if there was also a counter for natural creatures remaining alive also how about a type of creature that can only be killed by magic
  2. Noticed quite some time ago that #unmark doesnt work on some parts of a map Thought i'd mention it as its more annoying that desperately important but might be a simple fix? don't even know if that is client side or my side (mac version) i can remove the marked spots in logs places in question are very bottom left of ida and lower section of pv near cedric
  3. not sure if this is the right place to mention it but i just noticed the arrow selection buttons missing on comparison tables for wiki missing, looks like its been reworked or a different load? https://www.el-wiki.net/Alchemy_comparison_table i mention it here as i think the same people are about on both? Delete it if i'm out of marmalade
  4. the purple on black background the dialogue box for the commands is not the best contrast, not sure if thats user changeable in client files? a control click onto a number while the box is open would be useful for speed 1-6 of something that might even by-pass the box if you know what the number related task is it could be activated when you have a summoned animal in play ie cntrl z and 1-6
  5. yes indeed radu has always been prompt with orders, only time there was a delay was when i made a mistake in the order.
  6. boar token

    nah, newbies need to learn what mind numbing endurance quests are like Haidir pass, does all that and a bag of chips, there is a reason why they exist
  7. #unmark not work on some sections of maps

    my fault, indeed i was putting a space after the text, i remember trying the space thing in front of the text when it happened ages ago, didnt think i might have automatically hit the s p a c e b a r At least this post will solve a problem if anyone else did it.........................i go stand in the corner now
  8. #unmark not work on some sections of maps

    at location Palon Vertas [230,61] i used #mark 16:32 i use this time marker when i have killed an invdrag so i can see where it was when i come back, then i remove the mark after an hour 10 mins as i use this across alot of the relevant invdrag maps i've only seen it happen on ida and pv #unmark 16:32 at that location it doesn't remove the mark, no message either saying unmarked. other map locations unremovable via #unmark Palon Vertas [203,85] (i have been able to remove marks from else where on the north of the map) Idaloran [75,42] few marks around that loc being on the spot or not doesnt make a differance mac version 1.9.5 , last mod 10 may 2016 if you really need it i can do a zone coverage of pv and see where the fault lines are
  9. with regard to point and click walking i have always thought that the character should automatically follow the actual path ways in game if you using map click to cross a map, thus giving a reason to be with you character and click smaller distances (to use a faster straight line route) rather than auto click being the fastest route
  10. Adjust Sto NPC Talk Range

    only time i noticed that is if i have traded with another character while the sore window was open on an open air store map
  11. EFE's giveaway

    my guess 65
  12. pps for mixers

    with regard to getting more exp to gain the pp reward, would it be nice to have a bonus experience reward for mixing a rare item in normal mixing, ie efe while mixing fe not when using the enrichment stone formula, same with all rare mix achievements ie swords pots etc
  13. Merry Christmas everyone

    merry xmas and happy new year riptide, i was just saying today i hadn't seen you about ingame
  14. mentioned in the accompany vid (podcast on youtube with radu) was the idea of a growing invasion via gwis, that sounded like a good idea also.
  15. IP Storage for everyone.

    if there is to be an additional store on ip for all i would suggest 140, 170 on ip which is just north of the original one (suggesting this after watching the podcast) it will serve as a visible communion of players and keep the newbie store clearer for newbies which was a concern mentioned
  16. yep, but it keeps the forum alive
  17. A question for sword and armor makers

    the other reason i was thinking along these lines is, when radu took c2 rings off the npc seller it gave crafting people who took the time to make a crafter something to use it for. so would taking (some) swords / armor off of npc sellers give manufacturing chars some worth?
  18. If swords and armor was stackable on bots only would more people make them to put on bots?
  19. Can we have cockatrice as a regular summons please Radu
  20. also with giws the red and black dragons should be upgraded on day of invasions also like the other sets, so that would be blue and ice
  21. Day of odd bod

    day of odd bod, this day a random1 invasion mob will spawn on random c2 map, kill it and another will randomly spawn again. reason, because the hunt will be fun.
  22. i'd say this would be better if it was a random monster instead of the same one all the time,
  23. Hi, Radu is there any possibility you could add gift cards to the shop items, so if i wanted to buy a $100 gift card and give it to another player to redeem in shop.
  24. Adding 2 new special days.

    fair shout , +1 only thing negative to say is it might add two chances not to get day of magic or sun tzu
  25. IP Storage for everyone.

    its already be discussed extensively in game and its not happened, in my opinion it might work with a separate store on ip for over cap players but i cant see it happening if there is a second store for overcapped players 140,170 would be good