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  1. Summer sale

    mmm sweet, happy summer Radu, 4KJ686345L915215N if i not around for delivery is 1,3 and 4
  2. Magic level 100 required, ability to cast 'fight' spell, casting on two creatures causes them to fight each other. Duration between casting on 1st and 2nd creature would be no more than 2-3 secs, only 2 creatures can be cast on at one time. there is some good strategy possibilities in this and of course some silly fun to be had pitting various creatures against each other
  3. Day of entropy

    the idea i came up with for simalar was to include a meteor strike in the giws, a random outside loc is picked and 12 or so drop bags appear, the giws would only give you a very vague idea where it was going to strike, if you happen to be in the vicinity you might see a bright flash in the distance . the bags would poof as per normal so maybe they never get found
  4. new spell 'fight'

    obviously you can limit it to exclude invasion mobs/ bosses. as for casting distance between the creatures i would say within 12 steps of each other as per normal range, so no inter map casting. as for the coding thats always going to be the make or break hurdle any new idea has to get past first (ie: is doable it in the current game frame) as for how its cast, similar to heal or harm, when you cast you are prompted for you first target, then prompted for the second. a cast against a creature thats excluded would return the same prompt as trying to cast on the unicorn in ws giving the creatures ability to disengage from the spell or for the cast to have a timed duration might be a way to stop over powering it if you used it on some invasion stuff. as in ranging you could have a chance for both the mobs to attack you instead after the second cast as a negative fail
  5. Bot expiration

    Raised By Bats paid for Receipt number: 88H48426GP129005T
  6. New creatures

    something i thought about adding to the raptors, the ability for them to self heal if disengaged from combat, not from a training point of view but in the situation where a player is mobbed by three of them, and they are forced to disengage, ( three multi should have the power to take down the highest players) that way disengaging has a disadvantage as you now lost the gain you made on them.
  7. New Subforum Suggestion / Spam

    lol first time i seen a post by stree i actually agree with
  8. i use the item list to add all the break stuff when i get a quest, then delete it as it breaks, this might be worth doing if you lost your quest log, yes you will be going through stuff again but at least you will have a record of the stuff you done by prosses of ilimination (i have no idea if the buni list is checkable in game)
  9. Would it be possible to have an alt toggle for ether bars/numbers i suggest alt j, alt k, as i don't think they are currently used? also they are in the keyboard group of alt b,h,n which are already used for char health names bars numbers etc Thank you
  10. request for Alt ether toggles

    ok thanks, will there be a version with this change for mac ? appreciate all the work you guys do for the clients.
  11. URL unreachable?

    @Darrock quick question save starting a new thread or bothering you in game, when asking rraisa buy day of magic stone for eg, is there a way to ask her to look for just day of magic stone because she returns search for day, magic, stone, items rraisa sell day_of_magic returns no buyers when there are some so that not work rraisa buy 'day of magic' returns same as with out ' ...' (first time i've used rraisa ) thanks and thank you Vino for the fix and stuff you do too
  12. Carrier Pigeons

    i did think long ago that there should be ability to trade across maps , but only if both parties are in a store, ie if 1 is in srm store and 2 is in mm store.
  13. Control Rosto Prices

    my view on rostos (not that anyone will care :P) the shop prices are fine, i have been fortunate enough to buy from shop in the past, due to personal events over the last year i cant afford to, as for the ingame price players that are able to do the invasions can afford to buy them at the current prices, or should be able to use thier skills to afford them, yes they are too high in my opinion (currently 110k upwards, i think they should be around the 90k mark) i'm down to my last two bricks, i know that if i need to, i can go do quests, make stuff to sell ingame (only a small percent of players have bots so i dont count that here) that means a fair bit of harvesting and a fair bit of mixing or indeed farming trolls or other rosto droppers. but its very much so possible to 'Do Work' in game to go get your bricks alot of you will say but i dont want to spend three or four days 'working' to go have fun' well why not, its an alround game, maybe there have been too many back to back invasions over the last few months, too much catering for instant gratification That being said there is the argument that the increase in invasions is to keep more new/players intreased/happy so they stay around? either way shop prices are fine, radu needs some income from/for the game and i dont mind spending money inshop when i can to help on that front. if your charater/s cant make money skill wise then skill up learn to do so, there are much more quicker ways to make gc in farming low end mobs these days from when i started, some tokens sell for more than a few hours worth of furs. as for the subject of keeping rosto prices down? its just game economics, the demand has gone up because the there are more invasions of late and more rosto needed good for shop bad for instant gratification. cant afford a rosto?, go level up skills or go farm stuff sell to players/bots . or the flip side of all that, if players are forced to do invasions without bricks maybe more players can turn to savaging invasions as a skill
  14. New Instances

    agree that there should be starter level invasion/instances when i was 'growing up in el terms' there were few invasions aimed at first timers so it was either avoid or attempt one too hard for you.
  15. New creatures

    Raptors in RoT past using the cockatrice model/imagery to reduce art/graphics work this creature would be permanently speed haxed possibly have the same health, a/d build etc as invadrag without the invisibility of course, not sure on drops. the question is does it ignore mm perk/cape? i choose Rot past as its a decent enough size to have 6+ spawns there and its a map you don't have to use, rot past if it is not already should be made multi for these mobs to work best. its worth a test see how the speed haxed attacking mobs behave, ie would the incoming mobs be able to swarm a player before they see them coming. I don't know if speed hax would reduce the ability of a mob to grab/engage combat? another after thought, if these mobs had no ignore level, how would that effect an invasion on this map? a re-spawning high aggressive natural mob in an invasion situation, rather than just using a high invasion mob thats gone when killed
  16. Would it be possible to have the option of more channel boxes up top, simalar to the way we can add/delete quick slots to the right If i am in a channel not displayed by the top boxes i can post in it but not see the text in the main (view all) feed.
  17. ok, thanks for the explanation / info
  18. Please check "Lesser Tears" Perk

    Nice one, didn't think of that
  19. Please check "Lesser Tears" Perk

    for info, on char Drucilla 139 m&p breaks / 51368 uses , without fewer tears
  20. New daily fight quest

    Great idea riptide, +1 here Really like this idea, had thought of the same thing too, i not keen on the idea of the finders to locate the mob as that destroys the hunting aspect. could you also add to the same npc/quest 'go kill all mobs on xxx map' this would exclude badaran and unicorn as they are special spawns, i ask this as it would spice up the mix one day you might get the whole map, next it might be just one.
  21. As we have had alot of 'good things" implemented recently how about some negative for balance Strike! : this day all storages are closed still not impossible to do stuff buy makes it a pita day Daniels is dead : this day you can do no magic Butterfingers : today you cant equip anything, due to coding this might be an awkward one to implement but it could just be you cant add any new equipment so if you are already wearing stuff you can still move/use it but once off it stays off Unfused : no mines day as many have ask for i'm not holding my breath for any thanks for the above
  22. Newbies & Magic & Haidir

    if a newbie does the pie contest it boosts you very high up, its one of the builder quests i did on my newbie chars
  23. HeavyBeard the item breaker

    Definatly not, its ment to be a long quest, stop crying because its hard, others have done it there has been alot of 'making el easier' in the last few years, whats next free pp if you cant level quick enough