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  1. Yo Usl! (a bit late)

    k ty. Am I ok to go now?
  2. Yo Usl! (a bit late)

    k ty.
  3. Yo Usl! (a bit late)

    Hi Usl, i was booted from you cause i was not paying attention to local chat when you arrived and asked me for a line in the local. Im very sorry for that. Im posting a piece of my chat log if you look at when you arrived i was talking in PM with Hecklar my last PM to him was, in english, "Im going out to lunch quickly" @16:47:45 after that i was "about to go out to lunch" and my wife started to talk to me (i was clicking while she was talking to me) so i didnt see the rest of the message. When i turned again to the monitor i was in F5 screen and then booted. Im not complaining about the ban. Its your job to do this. Just want to know how long it will take (i was a long time without play because of my job and was just coming back when this happened). Thanks.
  4. Link el.bin fails

    I googled the problem and saw that this could be solved with ./configure LIBS=-lX11 But the src doesnt have a configure binary to run .. so i thought maybe i should edit the make.conf and make the changes i need but im not really a coder .. so maybe someone knows what to do about it .. i think its something specifically about my distro (I use Fedora 13 wich is red hat based). I was reading the make.conf file and saw that there is a line: XDIR=-L/usr/X11R6/lib but i dont know how to properly edit the file.
  5. Link el.bin fails

    Yes i was (in fact i did $mv Makefile.linux Makefile and then typed just $make instead that).
  6. Link el.bin fails

    Hi, im having problems when trying to compile the client from cvs. I think some header is missing and i probably have to install some dev package that i really dont know wich one. All files compile well but shows many problems at the end when trying to link the binary [mpfaraujo@localhost elc]$ make LINK el.x86.linux.bin /usr/bin/ld: paste.o: undefined reference to symbol 'XConvertSelection' /usr/bin/ld: note: 'XConvertSelection' is defined in DSO /usr/lib/libX11.so.6 so try adding it to the linker command line /usr/lib/libX11.so.6: could not read symbols: Invalid operation collect2: ld returned 1 exit status make: ** [el.x86.linux.bin] Erro 1 Thanks for any help. P.S. I commented the line FEATURES += ACHIEVEMENTS from Makefile.linux (that i moved to Makefile) cause i had an error saying that achievements.cpp was being called twice. There where any change from cvs that doesnt need to add that FEATURE?
  7. Auction of 150k Silver Ore

    I bid 370kgc (ingame name Anamir) **EDITED** Removing my bid cause dont know when it ends or, if i win, i dont know if the seller will "like" my price.
  8. I Like that idea.. also like the sugestion of Piner for making this potions very high level to mix ;-) [i would add Vegetal nexus 7 for ballance] About the IEDP i think that we would still have people that would preffer eat bones (lets say e.g. ppl that doesnt have big belly). Bones r used too for indicators that is a fair train for engineering skill. But with the actual price of bones ppl probably r having problems to get them for his train. Having an alternative to IEDP i think would be great. As Burn said we r having a problem with resources .. bones r one of them (also bones powders, HEs and many other essences). I really dont like easy resources (as bones, sulfur and coal) to have such high price.. cause newbies with a lot of money gets high equipaments too soon getting overpowered. **EDITED** I came to the forum to post an idea of that Professor of Potions could allow u to buy vials from Portia. But that idea is much better.
  9. Testing the horses on the test server

    A Forest Chimeran attacked Finja and i was helping her (we both were fighting to try to reproduce the bug) So i Changed the Bow for thermal sword but as u can see @ the image something went wrong .. Really not big deal compared with the other bug that we were trying to reproduce. After change back to bow and shooting an arrow all went normal again.. but thought i should to put this here.
  10. Silver ore 100k for sale

    Im buying 100k silver ores. PM anamir ingame if you have a nice price.
  11. I dont know if its too hard to implement but i allways missed the "pretending" element that is in almost all RPG games. I thought maybe we could "try to lie" to Haildir that you already made the job avoiding the dayly quest that you dont want to do (like boars or imps or small spiders for those with 120+ a/d). I thought that maybe we could put the money that the NPC that is asking for the job would pay for the job in inventory and go back to Haildir and say that you already finished the job. So some test could be made, taking the crossatribute "charm" in relevance, and if you pass in the test you would avoid the quest of that day. If you dont pass, Haildir could show himself upset with you and you lose 2 days (maybe more) of dayly quest of Haildir. I know my enslish sucks but i think you can understand what i mean ...
  12. New stones

    Thats a great Idea. I saw some saying about "workers wont win" with this ritual but you see .. for now I, that mix potions, cant sell for a nice price Misxtures of power (refined veg still can be used to creature food). With this ritual i can really produce it in my potion training with real expected marked for it with nice price. I think Radu should change the stoones for things that uses the stone and nobody buys .. like the helms (steel or titanium) its a very nice item that nobody produces because you cant sell it .. so instead 15 binds that can be bought in shop ppl should use 10 helms (10 binds + 20 hydrogenium bars). Same to EDE (phantom warrior summon stone, maybe ..) ELE can me made with alch so .. its fine. Ppl still would have to buy the Binding and enriched ess on shop (that is good to support the game) but instead just remove it again from the game those items would be used by players developping their skills .. that my opinion about that.
  13. iPad/iPhone port request

    Well.. just forgive my ignorance about all those inconvenient.. i just thought it would be nice to have this port. Never thought anyone would be so offended by a request. I apologize for that.
  14. iPad/iPhone port request

    Hi, can any of u experts in Mac OS port a version of this client to iPhone or iPad.. maybe sell it in Apple store or put it in Cydia for jailbroken devices .. thanks.
  15. I used to produce a lot of creature food when it arrived but with the changes in harvest (that is pretty better with new configuration of harvester medallion) to gather all flowers to mix the creature foods r very dificult. REally dont see any problem in things beeing problematic or hard to make but the fact is that very few ppl r producing creature food for now.. when (or if) new shapeshifts would be implemented i think this would be a problem.. My sugestion is that we have new kinds of extracts called minor extracts with half of ingreds needed that would produce a kind of weaker mixtures for creation of 30 creature foods instead 60 for the regular mixtures. Also think that those weaker mixtures could be mixed for ppl with vegetal nexus 5 (the creature food would onl have a alternative formula and i think thaere is no need for changes in nexus or level needed). I Think this would increase the production. Feel free to discuss about it.