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Storage Sale

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Storage Sale!


Reply to the topic or try catching me online at kavi, kavii or bigkav 


Items Price
1 Titanium Serpent Sword of Fire 1.5m OBO
16 Titanium/Steel Alloy Long Sword 11.5k/ea
1 Branch Of Destruction offer
1 Modable Steel Two Edged Sword offer
1 Modable Titanium/Steel Alloy Long Sword offer
1 Dragon Blade sold
1 Axe of freezing offer
1 Steel Two Edged Sword of Magic offer
1 Used Jagged Saber 27k
2 Radioactive Rapiers sold
1 Jagged Saber 33k
4 Halberd 30.5k
5 Red Dragon Helm Of Life and Mana sold
1 Steel Cuisses of Mana Drain 600k OBO
1 Red Dragon Mail 270k
1 Used Titanium Plate Mail offer
1 Used Titanium Cuisses offer
1 Used Titanium Helm offer
1 Used Steel Cuisses offer
1 Black Dragon Cuisses sold
1 Black Dragon Greave 160k
1 Steel Greave 40k
1 Ice Dragon Mail sold
1 Used Blue Dragon Cuisses offer
2 Ice Dragon Cuisses 175k/ea
1 Crown of Life 98k
4 Used Titanium Shield 28k
2 Damaged Ice Dragon Cuisses offer
1 Blue Dragon Helm 250k
1 Crown of Mana 85k
1 Steel Plate Mail 88.5k
1 Blue Dragon Greave 180k
1 Damaged Black Dragon Mail offer
1 Used Blue Dragon Shield offer
1 Ice Dragon Greave 170k
1 Used Titanium Greave offer
2 Red Dragon Greave 110k
1 Red Dragon Cuisses 115k
8 Nexus transfer stone 100k/ea
Sharp Shooter Removal offer
20000 Health Essence 10/ea
9000 Energy Essence 12/ea
4000 Matter Essence 12.5/ea
2000 Spirit Essence 10/ea
35000 Air Essence 11/ea
30000 Potion of Spirit Restoration 18/ea
20 Potion of Speed Hax offer
2000 True Sight Potion 100/ea
4 Hydrogenium Bar sold
1 Bronze Bar 14.5k
789 Silver Bar sold
1 Wolfram Bar sold
880 Gold Bar 65/ea
3 Goblin Token sold
14 Leonard Fur offer
2 No More Tears Cape 295k/ea OBO
1 Universal Hood offer
1 Night Visor offer
1 Mage Robe Shirt 75k
3 Black Horse Whistle sold
14 Big Book of Tailoring sold
2 Big Book of Manufacturing 14k/ea
1 Book of Giant Fighting offer


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