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error linking against static sdl

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I got the following error linking against static SDL
"undefined reference to symbol 'dlclose@@GLIBC_2.2.5'" + something that indicated I was missing passing -ldl
I changed the call to pkg-config sdl --libs in the makefile to sdl-config --static-libs to make it link correctly.

The output of the two commands doesn't match with sdl-config passing -ldl to the linker.

Is this some issue on my side? I have a static sdl build (turning it into a build dependency only) so I don't have to keep SDL installed to avoid other packages inadvertently linking against it instead of SDL2.

This wasn't an issue in my last build from July.

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I changed the makefile recently to use pkg-config over the other way because it appears to be deprecated.  Did you try adding the --static flag to the pkg-config command?

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