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Global Irilion Invasion, 03/02/2017

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1. The invasion will cover 6 randomly chosen non-PK Irilion (c2) maps.

2. At the start of the invasion I will be hiding in one of them.

3. I will help you in finding me with answering questions with 'yes', 'no' or 'maybe', in channel 6. I will not answer questions about map name and similar.

4. The first person that finds me will be allowed to choose the cap monsters in the map will be spawned at. Allowed caps are between 80 and 150 + uncapped with a step of 10. The choice and number of monsters is up to me. I will try to keep it on the easy side. Note: it is not possible to chose the same cap twice.

5. Once I'm found and the monsters are spawned I will wait for around 15 minutes to keep the invasion going and relocate.

6. Go to point 2.




In round 6 I allow to re-use of any of the caps previous used. Moreover, I will be giving hints instead of answering questions. Honestly, you would have no clue what to ask about :P


If you do not find me within 30 minutes from the start of the final round I will just drop monsters at the cap of my choice in the nearest multicombat map to my hiding spot.



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People who found me were:

  • MooseMan4
  • Maxine
  • vzbucks
  • Lalaith
  • Joan
  • FairyTail (supported by Lalaith)


In the final round the hint was as follows (please... forgive lack of consistency and artistry - I made it up on spot):



I will start with giving some hints on the general surrounding. I am not in the map the invasion will be run in. I am insides. The map itself is multicombat and is connected to some other maps. Actually, it is surrounded from all sides. There are trees in this map. There is some water. Some mountains and other stuff. Well balanced, isn't it?
I have this doubtful lack spend my time chatting with you guys in rather hostile environment. Getting here was no easy, either. It requires a pair of really good eyes to find one's way, I'm afraid. Anyway, I'm digressing
What surprised me when on my way here was the map emblem. I mean... what the heck was that? It was not really similar to any creature I've seen here. I suppose I was not looking around carefully enough. Though, I was not running either. Nothing was hunting me. Anyway, back to my story before I stroll into another digression.
Have I mentioned the river? It's a really picturesque one! It slowly meanders through the area forking beautifully. I had a really nice nap over it. And the dreams I had. You would never believe it! Hmm... another digression.
So... I was having my meaningful walk to the right and to the left and to the north and to the south when I realised that all the meaningfulness of my walk turned into being completely lost. Luckily! I followed FairyTail's piece of advise and used my map! It helped me to get lost even more! A pity. Otherwise I would be able to tell you where I found this weird little place where I got underground. Oh well.I guess you all can blame FairyTail for this missing one piece of information.
Luckily, once I was underground I realised somebody prepared themselves a really comfortable place to spend time. With a little shooting area, too! How clever! I thought, before I realised I couldn't shoot anything there. Bugger!
Alas! My source of light, which was my bright mind extinguished and surrounded by complete darkness I started to walk around feeling my way around. Again. Yet another surprise awaited me. I found a little narrow passage that led me to a strange complex lit with unearthly light. I followed the path there... which was not perfectly safe... Who let them wolves there?!
I sneaked between ferocious beasts to the small passage at the very end of the complex. Just to realise that some madman decided to try my wits. Which we already established got somewhat diminished slightly earlier. Braving myself I pushed forward... ending here and feeling really warm.
That's the end of my story and end of the hints
Edited by Vanyel

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was fun thnx van maybe we could have a land mob theme one time (so no flying mobs) cheers

I like Hawks

Oh, and in spite of the evidence, I dont like nasps but do a weekly WTF :D


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