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Seridia Invasion, 6/01/2017

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The rules of the invasion.


1. Starting in Magic School in Tarsengaard at 0:45 game time.

2. Uncapped.

3. There will be 2000 monsters spawned inside the School (that includes gardens).

4A. If the monsters are cut down to less than 300 in 45 minutes, I will spawn bosses.

4B. If not, Tarsengaard will be invided to fill-in to 3000 monsters.

5. If after another 45 minutes the monsters will get cut down to 600 or less, there will be a bosses wave.

6. Otherwise, the monsters will start invading all neighbouring maps (WS, VotD and PL in first order). I will fill the maps to maintain 3000 monsters.

7. Go back to point 5.

8. If the target is not met before I manage to populate all Seridia (excluding Isla Prima). There will be no bosses at all.

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