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PK Tournament of Eternal Glory!

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Multi Guild Pk Tournament of Glory!!!

Rules of admittance

1. As the event's winner will be determined in tiers,

each tier must be paid for with an appropriate ante. The antes will be determined

by the formula as follows// 10 times the players in tier one, followed by

2 times the previous tiers ante//

Exmpl. 30 players attend the opening tournament. So the ante for tier

one is 300gc each. Whoever wins will be rewarded the full pot. If they wish

to continue to the next round, they must pay 600gc then 1200gc and so on, until the final

victor wins by default, or in combat.

2. All participants must verbally agree to a waiver acknowledging your

acceptance of your responsibility for your own actions and property, before the

Judicial Council of Guilds. This does not apply should gear or tools be lost to

cheating as described below.

3. All participants must also agree to uphold the rulings of the council

in matters of fairness. And to be fair to other players involved in the tournament,

and to be true in your dealing, not to falsely accuse a participant of cheating.

4. And participants must agree that they are aware that any cheating will

not be tolerated. The punishment of cheating is banishment from the tournament, and

all later tournaments, as well as the forfeit of any winnings to the wronged as


Rules of Conduct

1. It is deemed illegal to use weapons that are designed to destroy the gear

or tools of the opponent, but any other means of combat are permitted. Any weapon a

participant wishes to use must be trade to the referee to asses its nature. Any weapon

unchecked by the referee is deemed cheating in the name of prevention.

2. Healing potions of any kind are restricted to one per battle. Magical healing

is prohibited. Any healing past Once per battle that is not caused by worn equipment, is

cheating. Before the first match, make the referee and the council aware of any healing

gear you wish to fight in, to prevent unnecessary delimas to the event's proceedings.

3. Magic that is offensive is permitted with the understanding that "Life Drain"

counts as a healing spell, and any spell resulting in the leaving of the ring, also results

in the leaving of the competition and counts as a forfeit.

The Judicial council of Guilds shall be an arrangement of any GMs, and one adviser per, to assist in

the governance of the event, and to preserve the spirit of good sportsmanship of its participants.

The Guild masters taking spots on the council will have original jurisdiction over any member of their

guild. Meaning that said Guild masters will be solely responsible for any punishment out side of

the set inflictions already presented.

Any additional information or questions can be posted on this page or PMd to Sorarum and/or Dominus_mortis

if they are in-game. Times for the first and subsequent tournaments will be determined by the council,

and posted as soon as decided upon. Changes to the rules will be considered fairly in respect to the GMs wishing

to join the Council.

The winner of the Tournament will be called Champion of Eternity and be awarded an additional prize

greater than all previous winnings. The Grande Prize will be worth 15k gc per council judge, and the full

amount of the individualist tax described below.

It is my hope that at least three GM's will participate on the council. One of these spots belong to SITH for

hosting and proposing this event. There is no limit to the number of judges, except for the number of existing guilds.

The first two tiers will take place in the lvl 40 cap DP Arena, then to the lvl 60 cap DP Arena for the remainder

of the event. This is to both allow weaker players take part in the event, and remove them from it by force. > :)

Individual Participants are welcome, but they follow all of the same rules and must pay an additional tax of 5000gc.

This is for the Final prize. Participants of a guild without a council representative are considered Individual

Participants, but as a group will only be obliged to pay up to 15,000gc total.

All players willing to pay their dues and risk said coins and gear in combat, in exchange for Glory, may sign their

name in the comments, for administrative purposes. Payment will be unnecessary until the day of the event as posted in

the Calendar section.




any edits or additions/changes will be posted here.



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