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Soundpack for EL! version alpha by Fake_Kain.
There's no better thing to have when afk harvesting with harv med!
Sounds made for:
  • Invances
  • Stopped harvesting+ special info if overloaded
  • Funny sounds when you get new level or you diss from someone/something
  • Invasion warning
  • Start sound, when connected to the server.
  • Sound for degradation/destroyed item
To be added:
  • Sound for degradation/destroyed item done!
.zip -> Linux/Windows version:
  • Close the EL client
  • Extract and overwrite all the files at the EL directory. (sound_warnings.txt should be in same directory as EL.exe/binary of EL is)
  • Run the client
  • Check if sounds are enabled




If something doesn't work:
  • Enable sounds in the client...
  • Restart the client.
  • Reinstall the soundpack when the client is turned off

Any feedback? PM Fake_Kain


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Hi, thanks - nice idea.

Well, I've tried to install those sounds, copying all the files in the proper directories and adding the alert triggering strings to my sound_warnings.txt in the EL root dir (where the "exe" is).


Result: I don't hear a thing. Nothing either at EL start...

I have sound and music enabled an all types of sounds at least at level 0.1.


I did try this: deactivated ("<!-- -->") the alerts in the snds_client.xml in the /sound directory. Still nothing.

Well, to be more precise, I deactivated all but alert4 for which you have this silence.ogg-thing configured - which I deactivated in turn in your snds_alert.xml


Here's my sound_warnings.txt:


# This file is configuring sounds based on text displayed in the console
# Format for this file:
# Sound = Text to match
# The default sounds available are:
# alert1, alert2, alert3, alert4

alert1 = Special invasion, Save Iscalrith. People between
alert2 = You stopped harvesting.
alert3 = Too heavy, you are overloaded.
alert4 = <char_name_1> hit
alert4 = <cahr_name_2> hit
alert4 = You can't harvest
alert5 = has been destroyed
alert6 = Ok, you are disengaged from combat
alert7 = GIWS: Invasion Advanced Warning!!
alert10 = Welcome to the new server!
alert11 = Age of the Eternals


Any ideas?

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I did some more testing and eventually found I heard.... something faint ... when I stop harvesting.

So I changed the options so that the volume of both Text warnings and (master) sound gain was rather high (compared to my usual settings - and bang I did actually unsertstand a fint voice telling me I stopped harvesting.


In other words: Your OGG-files have a quite low recording volume :-)


Alright, they do work. Thanks for your sound pack :-)

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Well, my microphone is relly bad quality and i did all my best to reduce the background sounds and needed to lower the volume

The only values affecting my sound pack are:Text alert volume and gain volume ;)

+0.1 volume is really low value:)

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2 new sounds: degrade and cooldown from white tiger. Couldn't test so any feedback would be cool

just write those messages on local to check it out:

Your Titanium Shield has been degraded to Used Titanium Shield




Fake_Kain got cooldowned

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Yes. You can edit the file sound_warning.txt in the data directory of EL .

I have here 3 alerts as an example, here you get an alert if you stopped harvesting,  if you are overloaded (or someone writes in chat overloaded, and when you get a PM from someone.

alert1 = You stopped harvesting
alert2 = overloaded
alert3 = PM from

(alert1-3 are automatic set up sounds if you want to have other sounds you will to work on snds_client.xml and insert there new elements that you might use)

All you need to do now is set the Volume for Text Warning Sounds Volume to 1 and it should work after a restart of EL.

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