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Beware of trades with Randysailor He's not a honest Player

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My Brother was selling 1k sr's @15kgc to RandySailor by accident he traded 10k sr's. Randy then #GM'd DoctorRx saying he traded to many to him. After many attempts to pm him back to retrieve the 9k sr's accidentally traded to him he went silent and so far has refussed to answers any pm's or gm's. He'll be removed from POWR guild and always remembered for his wrongful decision.


He's an Hour of this whole ordeal:

[04:32:49] RandySailor wants to trade with you. Use the trade icon then click on him/her in order to accept the trade.
[04:33:05] You have been saved!
[04:33:10] #GM from RandySailor: oh?
[04:33:30] #GM from DoctorRx: look in sto
[04:33:38] #GM from RandySailor: i think you gave me too much
[04:33:51] #GM from RandySailor: im going to buy corown now
[04:34:02] #GM from DoctorRx: way to much
[04:34:22] #GM from DoctorRx: come back
[04:34:45] #GM from DoctorRx: i gave u 10k lol
[04:35:55] #GM from DoctorRx: randy come back i need 9k back
[04:36:52] [PM to RandySailor: u there]
[04:37:50] [PM to RandySailor: u have all my brs now bring back 9k pls]
[04:39:05] #GM from DoctorRx: randy u coming back to give me back my 9k srs?
[04:43:51] #GM from DoctorRx: randy yo i dont want to reportu andmake u out to be a scammer and put it on forums so plsbring back my 9k srs pls
[04:49:36] [PM to RandySailor: yo whats up with u?]
[04:49:51] RandySailor has logged off.
[04:49:57] RandySailor has logged on.
[04:50:07] #GM from RandySailor: hey I dced guys
[04:50:23] #GM from RandySailor: coming
[04:50:50] #GM from DoctorRx: np u scared me there for a few mins lol
[04:51:35] #GM from DoctorRx: when u get to sto let me know almost full
[05:14:47] [PM to RandySailor: u cant be disconnected if u still on game so u heading to sto to give me my 9k srs back?]
[05:17:02] #GM from DoctorRx: randysailor u there i need my 9k srs back pls
[05:23:22] #GM from DoctorRx: randy gonna shower if not backwhen u get back give the srs to norad
[05:23:57] #GM from DoctorRx: yeah
[05:24:10] #GM from Syk: is he really new player or just messing around?
[05:26:55] #GM from DoctorRx: if he just gives me back my srs he wont be on the forums or botted from guild or be brodtagged personaly hope he makes the rigth choice
[05:27:23] RandySailor has logged off.
[05:28:18] #GM from DoctorRx: he just logged off but brb shower time
(Edited out the unrelated conversation parts)

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Interesting...and how does that make you two feel ?

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