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Lords and Ladies of Legend

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Come take your place within the Legend!


Lords and Ladies of Legend, one of the oldest Guilds within the Eternal Lands, is holding open recruiting, and we invite you to come take a look.


Enjoy the benefits of a large, long-standing Guild – a private guild map containing our own training arena; well-established Fighting Academy and mentoring/training systems; the ability to rise above your peers, becoming a Squire or Knight; winning prizes in our Guild Competitions – all while enjoying a small, helpful, chatty group of fellow Guild Members.


LLL is based on honor and loyalty: our Code of Conduct is central to all we do. In-game, feel free to chat with any LLL member you happen to see, or PM me, Gil_Manel, Guild-Master, or any of our Council Members: wuffzel, icevodka and Moonbeam. We'll all be happy to talk to you.


More information is available at our Guild Site, which can be found at:




We ask that you be at least 16 years of age, have an Overall Level of 20, with at least one Skill (not including Attack or Defense) of 30. Whether you're well above those minimum requirements or have just reached them, we're looking for you!


The Legend awaits...will you take your rightful place?

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