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The Death of Error

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This is a story is a story I decided to write just now about my return to EL and my new character here. I want to thank Radu & Roja for their great work here, the game has improved so much I have fallen in love with it all over again. The quests are amazing by the way, really enjoy doing them. Anyway let me know what you all think, any criticism is appreciated.





The Death of Error



Traveling with the Great Doctor through time and space, battling Daleks and other aliens from far off galaxies, Whovian was lost. He fell through time and space, ending up on this small moon filled with beings of a differen't type than he had seen previously. He met a little gnome there who went by the name Error. Error told him he was leaving this splendid world and all its riches behind but that Whovian should give this place a chance. Error was old and had been in deep slumber for many, many years. His past lives weighed heavily on him, but he asked Whovian one question.


"Whovian, you are new here but I can tell you have seen much in your life time so I wish to grant you the knowledge of my past so that my memory may live on through you and my time spent here has not gone to waste. Will you accept this knowledge?"


From past experiences Whovian knew what dangers knowledge could bring, but he also knew what wonders it could also bring. Swallowing and nodded his head slowly in agreement Whovian saw time fade from Errors face. So many years washing from his eyes, he smiled. The small gnome stepped closer to this new arrivial and beckoned him to bend down. Doing as he was told, Whovian bent closer to the gnome. Error raised his hand, emitting a silverish glow, and placed it upon his brow.


Ages past, faces older and younger, some gone others still around, all passed before Whovians eyes. Time spent with beloved friends, the joys of so many lifetimes lead by this gnome, and so much pain. Tears rolled down his eyes as these memories became his, the happiness and misery becoming his own. He reached out to the small gnome in front of him, "Why have you given me this knowledge? It is the very essence of who you are...I do not understand."


"As you have my knowledge so do I have a tiny fraction of yours. Much like your Time Lord friend I live on through others. But I do not regenerate, when my time comes I merely pass on the know how I have gathered through so many years. But I have wasted away in this world, my time is over. I wish to die...Sweet comfort in death, when you have lived as long as I. Take care young one, and may you prosper in this land. Treat those I have loved well and they too shall embrace you like they once did I. My time here is over, yours has begun. Carry on the name I have built, though it may carry very little weight it was built on much hardship." The ages slipped back into the gnomes eyes. He stepped backed and looked towards the heavens.


"Unolas, long have I revered you. Though I have not always shown it by shunning you, but as the end of my life dawns I lay myself in your Knowledgable hands. May you allow me to seek understanding in the after life under your watchful gaze." Stepping back Error vanished in a flash of light and was gone.


So ended the time of Error and began the time of Whovian, may his life be long and meaningful!




Edit for spelling mistake :P

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