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Version 1.9.0 released!

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Client changes:

New artwork, most of the objects, animations and textures were improved.


Support for server sent markers, and now the user defined markers will show in the normal view too.

All kind of GUI improvements, too many to enumerate here.


Here is the list of contributors:



New spell windows

Dropdown manu window with saved recipes


3d map markers (with server support)



Resizeable ground bag with scroll bar.

User definable menus.

New commands: #open_url #show_spell #cast_spell.

Buddy list client-side changes.

Saved inventory item lists (more to come hopefully).

Rewrite of quest log with new context menu features.

Storage dialogue auto-close and copy of dialogue text to clipboard.

Fixes for notepad, spells, counters, harvest effects, input box mouse copy/paste, name completion.



Ranging Lock

Multiple statbars in HUD

Resizable mapmark font

Small patches for buddies, knowledge window, manu recipes



Increased support for vertex formats.

Added dds image support.

Added support for compressed normals.

Support for new e3d file format.

Support for vertex colors.



Announce invasion monsters at login.



Double click to equip an item.

Make logo link to a URL.

Limit massive healthbars to 110% of normal size.



Modulo operator for #calc.



Variable bag positioning.



Additions to counters.

Show exp per min



OS X Fix for Intel integrated graphics crash relating to rounded buttons.

OS X build, maintenance and bug fixes.



Bug fixes.



Tag quest log with player name.

Encyclopedia updates.


If anyone contributed with something and was not mentioned, please post here: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=52732


Server changes:

2 new taverners

10 new Xaquelina missions

5 new Haidir missions

Made the leopards stronger

Made Leonard level up more after he PKs someone. Also added a small chance for leo to level up when he kills a normal creature.

Increased the health of dragons by 500 each.

Fixed a bug where summoned animals would attack from outside of the arena.

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