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it's OK - again :)

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Lords and Ladies, dear friends,


it has been a while, but now we like to announce our comeback and revival -

the Order of Karma (short OK) is stepping into the eternal light of Draia again.


Since its creation OK has been a small but reliable circle of trustworthy individuals.

It's nice to see we still have good friends and alliances here around, thus we are not as small as it seems -

Thank you for your love, guys and girls! :D


Our policies haven't change - we still are a peaceful guild, trying to be fun and help for each other and all others out there.

We do not allow bagjumpers, scammers, outlaws. PK isn't forbidden, though it's not our business.


Our business includes levelling up, doing all kind of skills, trading and commissional works, guild(-crossing) activities and projects, exploring the mysteries of Draia as well as hanging around afk just looking good :D But without the duty to take part in any of that.


We welcome people from all around the world, but beware, our guild chat will be german, since we are mainly a german guild.

chotto dake nihongo o hanasemasu :devlish:


Our website still remains the same, though our forum will be a new one, yet in the making.

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