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OwnZz banned

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Hey, my ingame name is OwnZz, i got Ip-banned and i know why, it won't happen again. But when i readed the rules on the game it didn't say i could trade with my own characters, and yes i messed up with making characters because i wanted to make a new one but the only one i play on now is OwnZz. Please let me play this niice game again.


Btw i'm not english so i don't understand all the words in the rules etc. :confused:

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22 characters worth of mistakes?

Almost all of them traded or bagdrop traded...curious why you would bother to bag drop trade if you weren't aware of the rules.

And yes, the rules ingame and in forums say exactly that (I highlighted the two major points in this case, note that does not mean you don't have to follow the rest):

Rule 5 in particular here:

5. Do not cheat.

Cheating in the game means using outdated or illegal clients, outdated or illegal unofficial map(.elm) files that have been altered from the official versions, unregistered and/or unapproved bots, macroing, automating, scripting, exploiting bugs, muling, or any other form of illegal multi-playing*.

To use a bot, it must be registered and approved; it must adhere to the rules of the client's license and all your code must be open source. If you find a bug in the game, you must tell the owners of Eternal Lands immediately.

*Illegal multi-playing means using more than one character to help you gain benefits that using a single character would not. Illegal multi-playing includes but is not limited to: muling, deathbag sitting, pvp training, luring people to pk maps with one character while lying in wait with another. Also note that it is very difficult to be able to define each and every form of illegal multi-playing or cheating, so these matters will be reveiwed and punishments decided upon on a case by case basis.


1. NO same-owner IP trading. If caught, unless you can PROVE you are legitimate family/significant other, you WILL be punished. (This does not legitimize breaking the rest of these rules). Proof will be determined on a case by case basis. Abusing same IP trading and/or lying will result in severe consequences.

2. Middlemen are NOT allowed and do not make same IP trading legal between characters. (This includes getting somebody else to log on to one of your characters for the sole purpose of aquiring a different IP to make the trade)

3. Bag trading not allowed between same IP characters to bypass this rule.

4. We do not make exceptions for "well" leveled characters to be allowed to trade.

5. Owning multiple characters IS legal as long as they do not interact, and do not help each other.

6. Proceeds (items, gc, etc) from character sales are not allowed to be put on any secondary character belonging to the same person. Any attempts to hide such transactions are subject to the same penalty. Please note we do not endorse or support these sales, and any scams or problems are on your own head.

7. Using ebul rl$$$ as a "middleman" to have the assets from one character transfered over to a secondary character is illegal. You cannot sell gc or items yourself from characterA for rl$$$ then turn around and buy more items or gc for rl$$$ then put them on your CharacterB. You also cannot have CharacterA give "a friend" gc in exchange for purchasing items or gc with rl$$$ and then have Mr.Middleman give them to CharacterB. (This is not the same as you the rl person taking money out of your wallet that has nothing to do with either character and purchasing items or gc for $$$ and choosing which character it goes on. This is legal.)

8. Guild storages will be considered as bots, even if they are not run by a program. They must be declared and registered on the official list. They will follow all ingame rules AND all bot rules.


Also you might want to look at rule 8 about character creation spamming.


http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=41193 is our locks and bans policy.

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Okay i don't know where your talking about, muling? luring? illegal clients? .elm files? i don't know those things i just messed up with accounts and let them bagtrading , if you think that i'm so wrong, you can delete them all and let me start again okay? i learned my lesson . On other games you wer free to do that and yes i didn't read the rules that well. For example: RuneScape, i did trading with other accounts all the time and i'm just a starter on this new game

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Does this look like Runescape to you?

And I highlighted certain parts for a reason.

And read the link I posted as well.

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When can i play again then?

If you would actually click on the link I provided you twice, and read what is written there, you would have the answers to your questions.

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