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My lawn rake & I have slipped into a parallel universe

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So, there I was, giving the front lawn a thorough raking. (Actually, it was a quick once over after a hack job of mowing so I could get back to EL) When I heard a sound. A sound my brain clearly recognized as being heard before but so out of place that the recognition wouldn't break through to a conscience level. The sound was so out of place that it was curious that the little voice in the back of my head wasn't screaming, "run away! ran away!" I turned to look and about a half a block away, coming down the street, in my direction was a slate blue, perhaps late 90's Toyota Tercel with the windows down and the sound eminating from the interior. The vehicle was directly in front of me by the time my jaw involuntarily dropped when the sound hit my conscience mind like a sledge hammer. Yodeling. Not blaring loud but cranked because I could hear them coming almost a block away. I dropped the rake and stumbled into the house like a zombie to convey the surreal event to another human.


I recounted the occurrence to my girlfriend and she gave the one and only correct response that a human could give when told the aforementioned event (even when it's true). "You are making that up." If she had given any other response, I would have had to kill her on the spot because that would be clear evidence that she had been taken by the pod people. Which is of great concern because she is always saying,"They are offering a free <widget> and the ad says no purchase required. Why don't you go pick one up?" And I am like, "Hells no! That's how they get ya." They will offer like a free tomato plant or a no entry fee cheesecake eating contest and if you show up, BAM!, you're zapnotized.



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This is why i never do yard work. :D


Point taken. I really should invest in some sheep to keep the lawn mowed. picture-1242001939.gif

That way when I run out money, I can shave them to make clothes and slaughter them for food.

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Things like that remind me that I really did enjoy the 70's :D

Were you really there? :D


Back on topic - you have never lived until you have heard a cowboy try to teach chickens riding motorcycles how to yodel, to break up an asteroid about to hit the earth. Ah, I miss Riders in the Sky... it was one of their crazier story lines.


Sorry, thought this was zany yodeling stories :D

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Truely a transcendent event, I love these.


On the other hand though, for some years I have a hard time hearing sounds. To be precise, it happens when I'm sleeping. Especially if I get drunk before sleeping; I just can't hear the noise of the alarm clock, or even if I do, some evil magic falls on me and I wake up just to turn it off half-sleeping, or throw it outside the window. I tried every way available to fight this, but no use: now I'm sure I developed some immunity to clocks, and the more I think about it, the more I am convinced I was abducted and probed and this is the side effect. Although I need more proof to be sure, maybe those good old Soviet alarm clocks could do the miracle, you know, not these new fashioned electronic things, but the ones which had a bell on top and you could only turn them off by hitting them with a hammer. Especially if I place that into an iron bowl filled with spoons and stuff. Too bad they are hard to get since the fall of communism, but I will try.


If that one fails too, I will have to consult with some miracle worker.


Or maybe I should try talking about this on some history forum, since I had no problem waking up when I attended to high school, and that was some years ago, so I guess it's history.

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