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Welcome To The ELG Harvest Shop


We are Closed for business


Dragon_23 now runs this shop

Lilyofvale is now helping as well


All guilds are welcome to order even PK guilds, But note that any negative action against any

ELG member will result in immediate banning from ordering from our shops (See Banned Section).


We are limiting the orders to a max of 10k of any item and Special order items are max order 5k.

Max Total orders of 30k.


No Over The Max Orders Please





Price List


items @ 0.5 each

Blue Star Flower, Impatiens, Lilacs, Red Snapdragons, Tiger Lilly,

Blue Lupine, Chrysanthemum, Cactus, Yellow Rose, Red Rose, Black Rose,

White Asiatic Lilly, Swamp Candles, Sunflowers.


items @ 1.0 each

Cotton, Daffodils, Wheat


items @ 1.5 each

Rue, Dandelions,

Valerian, Poppies, Tulips, Red Currant, Blueberry, Mugwort,


Items @ 1.6 each

Red Toadstool


Items @ 1.75 each

Poison Ivy, Henbane, Wormwood, Yarrow, Nightshade, Mullein,

White Chantelle, Ogre Toes, Tree Mushroom


Minerals & Crystals

Items @ 2.0 each

Sulphur, Coal, Quartz, Blue Quartz, Rose Quartz


Items @ 3.0 each

Emeralds, Rubies


Items @ 3.2 each

Diamonds, Sapphires,


Items @ 5.0 each

Turqoise Special Order only


Items @ 10.0 each

Gypsum Special Order only


Metal Ores

Items @ 2.0 each



Items @ 2.5 each



Items @ 3.0 each



Items @ 3.5 each



Items @ 4.0 each

Cinnabar Special Order only (price reduced)



Items @ 0.5 each

Branches, Logs


Items @ 0.6 each

Fruit, Vegetables


Items @ 3.0 each

Yew Special Order only


Items @ 7.0 each

Dung Special Order only (price increased)


Price correct as from 10th January 2009

prices can be altered without notice.


If what you want is not listed pm or ig us and we will see if we can get it for you and

what it would cost.


Dragon_23 holds all orders unless other arrangements have been made....ty :)





To order either Post here or PM Dragon_23 ingame with item and quantity.

You can also gossip, or use our new form

*** please note that pm conversation/gossip/form will be posted here as confirmation of order or query. ***



Special Offers


Tree mushroom reduced from 1.75 to 0.5




We accept only coins

Please do not ask for discounts or credit as we do not give either.




Banned from ordering


Please note that from now on if you PK a member of our guild you will get your entire guild banned


Chosen (Time wasting and Fake orders) is also liquid

Annihilation (Bag Jumping)

LotusBlaze (Bag Jumping)

Forgiven (trying to force a discount and refusing delivery)

Raiden (Scamming, Pking and Bagjumping)

Newhope (Pking a member of elg) Lite guild banned

Guild =HC= has now been banned due Lil_Boosie


You can put your case to dragon_23 to try to get off this list





Order Progression


Awaiting Harvesters:-




Current Orders:-




Complete orders awaiting collection:-


Neavssiegn 10k sulphur (20k)

Neavssiegn 10k Red snaps (5k)

Neavssiegn 10k red rose (5k)



Edited by dragon_23

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[PM from Qiu: ty, i need another 20k toads]

[PM to Qiu: ok i will post it as two orders but deliver as one ok ?]

[PM from Qiu: ok, ty]


10k x2 toads (30k)

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Excellent service from ELG \o/ Many thanks for the speedy delivery...

and on that note-


10k Henbane please @1.5ea :~)




EDIT: And it's done \o/ another order done in record time :~)


Edited by bugabear

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[PM from Ednovel: hey]

[PM to Ednovel: hi]

[PM from Ednovel: I am in the market for sulfur and was told you might be able to help]

[PM to Ednovel: how much ?]

[PM from Ednovel: 10k]

[PM to Ednovel: i only have 3k at the moment but can get the harvesters on oit for you 2 each ]

[PM from Ednovel: I will buy your 3k and order 7k ]

[PM to Ednovel: ok where you ?]

[PM from Ednovel: nc sto]

[PM from Ednovel: well actually harving quartz in nc]

[PM to Ednovel: omw]

[PM to Ednovel: coming from tg]

[PM from Ednovel: meet in votd]

[PM to Ednovel: ok]


10k Sulphur

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Q. Your Ingame name

R. nathanstenzel


Q. Quanity Required in K Max 10

R. 6K


Q. Description of what you want

R. sulphur



Off site order :icon13:

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[PM from Gossip: kalak asked me to give you a message:]

[PM from Gossip: kalak said: Hi! I would like to order 10K of toads, please :-) send me a goosip for confirm please :icon13:


Kalak 10k Toads (15k)

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[PM from Gossip: zlatinho asked me to give you a message:]

[PM from Gossip: zlatinho said: wow! you will become my business man :P ]

[PM from Gossip: zlatinho said: if you are so fast i must ask you another deliver of 8k emeralds, 60k all, thanks ^^ ]

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[PM from Myrea: hi, could I order 5k sulphur (10k gc)?]


You have 175 out of 300 slots used.

[PM to Myrea: i have that in stock where would you like to meet]

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[PM from aesop: may i place same order again or do i need make order over the webpage again?]

[PM to aesop: np i will post]

#GM from Mochajava: I wasn't gonna stand there an' watch ya sleep :icon13:

[PM from aesop: tyvm]

This is your 1 minute warning for the coming hour.

[PM to aesop: yw will let you know when ready]

[PM from aesop: oki]



Aesop 10k Coal (20k)

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