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    Hey Kalix, thanks for the signature. I like it a lot
  2. Is taking death bags considered "dispute'ish"?

    Voted No But I've always returned DBs (and will always do) to their owners who ever they are what ever the bag's contents are (It's a personal rule for me). Any way. If you die without a rosto, you risk not being me who finds your DB
  3. Depletable Resources Poll

    Voted "yes" +1 for anarchy and chaos, I almost don't play anyway since the last harvesting refu... err refactor (even do I think "no" w/o the completely unnecessary and non polite omfg, will ruin teh game!!1! would be better). Pro-idea IMO! If there will be depletable resources I think this is the best way to do it w/o annoying the players too much. I support this 100% That is an issue, but we can make rules against camping at resources. Very easy to detect if players from the same IP do that, then I can make it so they can't harvest for a few hours. Instead of having the counter on the resources, would it be possible to have them tied to the player ? ie: player A has a hourly/daily harv limit at a certain spot, when that limit is reached they have to move, would stop ppl with multi alts depleting resources and also would negate problems with time zone differance Nice... that sounds like police state... keep moving, keep moving! there is nothing to see! (sorry, don't know if that is the way police says in english) if you just sit down AFK a bit besides a resource you will look like a suspect of camping and will get a penalty of a few hours w/o being able to harvest... well just read the "players from the same IP" so may be I'm wrong here, but any way I could not resist to make the comment. @ conavar, pro-idea again, mostly the same spirit of ArchimedesI one Keynesian Economics???? ROFLMAO. That's the funniest thing I ever heard recently. No, I would NEVER, EVER take advice from someone who believes in that crap. I'd rather go the South Park way and divinate using animals than to follow that pseudo economic garbage. No, it is an economic system where the state interferes with the economy by changing interest rates, having stimulus bullshit and so on. The Obama-Paulson-Bernanke crap that led us to where we are now. The really crap and what really is f%&ing the world is the freaking capitalism in the way it's implemented that does not let us breath... Yeah, free market let's make profit, MORE, MORE!!! does not matter if we pollute the world. Yeah, we need oil, let's invade our neighbors that have enough, why pay a fair price if we can put some marines there and get it cheaper, who cares if we kill people for it? (and I also forgot the let's make the rich people richer and the poor poorer). @ IngalfTass, may be I don't know well Keynesian Economic Theory, but it seem an interesting reading... Thanks for the suggestion. Be sure I'll read a bit in free time @ Radu: What happens to you? I really think you should at least stop insulting your clients (err, I mean players). What a weird way to make business, give the game a really bad image and make people go away from EL instead of keep them in-game (remember one of my last suggestions, Philip Kottler / Marketing books?). Don't you think people can have different believes from yours? Don't you thinks people believes have to be respected? Currently I'm a bit Socialist, and YES OMFG I'm from Venezuela, the land of the ebul Chavez! Now please, insultme about it... The sad thing is that what IngalfTass said about some good people leaving is really happening, some of my friends have left, I almost don't play anymore now, and I've seen other good friends telling me they are planning to quit... it's sad to hear comments from good friends telling you they "think EL is on decline" and they will quit, it's sad to see all the time and effort invested in the game go to hell... LOL, this made my day. I think I would even pay to see it implemented... can you imagine? It would be really fun for fighters to really run around to other unknown map/location each time they kill a monster. Or better, why not put mini-events for fighters: "Ogre has disengaged, you won 14 attack xp", "Cyclop has dissengaged combat, you got 4gc" Any way, thanks for the thread, had time with out the fun of reading such a dramatic one... the forums were a bit boring, and sorry if the post pissed off any one, I was not going to post any more since the last harvesting refactor but I could not resist Well, I only have left to say good bye in advance, just in case I might end in the same place where Cyberwulf and GoodDay2Die ended. Or worst in case a lighting just hits me in the moment I push the “Add Reply” button. But reading what those banned players wrote, and what some other players did I think that if you (Ent) want to be fair you just will need to ban half EL Enjoy, dmi
  4. KF o:

    I really don't PK, so no opinion about KF ND. I thing people enjoy it a lot so I think it should remain ND. I also miss the mercury, not because it was free (didn't care about that), but just because of the fun of getting it with out being pked, it was a challenging nice way to release some work day stress
  5. Lol, very funny, sadly most true. Yes that would be great. Also teleport you to a wierd place full of monsters that you have to avoid (or kill if you can) to end some where getting a key to unlock exit. Each time you die you start at the beginning of the maze (may be you don't loose stuff in there when you die... of course you can quit whenever you want (trough an NPC near of the beginning or something) but of course if you do all EL will receive blue spam #Message from god, n00b dmi ran away from maze Also would be nice something like leonard but a bit lower level in c1...
  6. Mini Harv Events

    By the way, I've just got mail: Of course it has it risks, but seems reasonable... Edit: reasonable like invasions risk in EL... Edit: about UO http://www.uoex.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=...mp;p=9044#p9044 Sorry, I was writing my previous NPC price decay post at the same time you posted this. May be a decay price can be settle at the NPCs buying goods too? But I think decay there should be recovered a bit faster may be not months like harvestables but days? Don't know, but I still think it's a good idea
  7. Mini Harv Events

    As you said, that won't really work. it would only affect the honest players. i was wondering, if that is really such a bad idea (to stop goldfarming). I mean lets consider the extreme case, where the NPCs dont buy flowers (and titanium) at all: What exactly would happen? The only thing i could see as an issue affecting honest players is the fact, that newbies make their first gc from selling flowers to the shop (at least i did that in the beginning). But even that can be fixed easily. So is there another aspect which i dont see here ? Ofcourse i know that some people prefer the easy lupine bush over other ways of earning gc but is that really the way it should be or is meant to be ? Yes seems that some people prefer easy lupines for earning gc over other resources, in fact, I've seen lot's of players and guilds make lot's of money that way. I don't know, but I really think that it's not the way it should be, I honestly prefer to do/mix/harvest other things, what's the point of farming tons of flowers to get just gc? What is the experience involved there? But that is just my humble opinion, so lupine->gc farmers please don't flame me. By the way, I've harvested tons of lupines but to make WEs and potions. About the idea of capping the amount of resources NPC buys I think it looks like a good idea... But I think this one would be even better: Instead of a cap, let's make the NPCs buy each harvestable a bit cheaper than the last one (1% cheaper or something like that) For example, at the beginning (for a newbie) the NPC will buy the first 10 lupines at 10gc each (so wow, a nice way for newbies to make 100gc, good and motivating start). But the next 10 lupines, it will be bought from the NPC at 9gc, and this way over and over, until the price decays too low to be profitable (something like 0.01gc each lupine). This can be done in a per resource/per player basis (I don't know if it's implementable, but as a SW developer I think it should not be really big deal). This way, each new resource you can harvest will give you a nice amount of gc (which would be a great incentive to harvest new stuff), but with the time, the most you sell some item to the NPC, the less the NPC will pay for that item... The price can increase with time, for example, if a player more than X months does not sell lupines, then the NPC will buy again at 10gc, and the decay process begins again. I think this will certainly stop gold farmers, because no matter how many alts you have you can't get high amounts of gc selling harvestable to the NPC. Well in theory you can have hundreds and thousands of Alts, but come on, you should be able to ban some one with more than 15-20 chars, don't you? Also in theory you can cycle trough almost all resources in game, but the amount of gc you can make this way will have a well defined ceiling. This won't hurt newbies cause they will get reasonable amounts of gold at the beginning from harvestables which might motivate them to keep playing (Easy at beginning, hard once you are hooked). This of course should help a lot with inflation, cause the amount of gc entering in-game from the NPCs with out something in exchange would be a good thing. Of course, gold farmers can always sell some harvestable (like silver ore) instead of gc in exchange of $$$, but this way is still a much difficult way of getting $$$ for the gold farmer because it will be related to the demand of certain harvestables that will for sure be much more limited than the demand of gc, especially when most of the gc buyers seems to be fighters (I believe, not completely sure). I don't know, this last point have to be evaluated well to see if the strategy might be effective. Ok, that was the constructive part of the post... <now the bitching and complaining > So basically, if you make a goal out of making 5K hydro bars in a week, I have to chang ethe game mechanics to allow you to do so, because otherwise you'd have to settle for the realistic mediocre goal of only making a few hundred, right? No, that would certainly be different, I would never ask you to change the game to allow me to make a certain goal. In fact you underestimate me believing I can think in such a basic way What I'm saying is that a goal I've already set will just be much more harder, and that can be very frustrating. Also, even tough EL is already hard and I've accepted that from the beginning there is a limit of how hard can be a game I'm willing to play, and also other players. In fact, chatting with new players I've helped they are usually amazed at the beginning with the amounts of resources I say them they need to harvest to reach some certain not so high level and some not so hard skill. I've seen how amazed are players that barely have made 1000 FEs when I tell them I've just finished a project to make 12-15k... much of them say there is no way they will made such a big quantity of FEs, and many of them have quit and never I've seen them again Also about your last comment it would be nice to move a bit up the level of the discussion and stop failing in so basic arguments as the last one you have said and some of others you have said (I admit I might have fall low too, just cause the annoying these mini-events are for my playing style). But at the end, the fact is that you have a certain considerable amount of players that are completely unhappy with the change, to the point of having "quitting feelings" (some of them might really quit, some might not, I don't know yet about me), some that consider that the change is really annoying and some that really consider that the change will absolutely not solve the problems that were supposed to solve (and I think it won't), and for the last item (not solving the problem) I think there are good arguments supporting that in this thread. And also you have a bunch of good suggestions made with the best intentions (many of them which I consider are excellent) which aims to help you solve the gold farmers and the shop problem and help the game. Dang, at this point I would be happy to pay the gold-membership just to get rid of those dang mini-events (even tough something like that can be considered blakmail ). </now the bitching and complaining >
  8. Mini Harv Events

    May be it happens in RL too... in fact sure it does. but don't you think that people plays games to avoid and escape a bit exactly what happens in RL? What's the fun of playing a game that resemble creepy RL? That's why almost any attempt to compare with RL seems futile for me. And about lower goals... sorry, no thanks, I don't like mediocrity, and there is a difference between the word challenging and very boring, so if I had the goal of making 13k moon meds from scratch I really won't be happy making 9k, and you know how many ingredients it took to make them... that's just frustrating, and a game is supposed to not be frustrating. And don't tell me that in RL you some time have to set lower goals, or tell me any BS about management and goals (Read my previous paragraph about RL). In fact, I propose something, play your game a bit, create a player, and make the serious attempt to harvest (no mod super powers) all the ingredients for that... then let's talk. Made a serious attempt to level a char to craft 61 from scratch w/o playing AFK, buying GC, etc, and then tell me what do you think. Exactly!!! Cruella and Zamirah FTW There is a point in the game where the impact of extra XP and extra gc is like 0.01% of what you really need, so it's useless. In fact, I was thinking as a way to protest to leave the bags with the 14-19gc extra GC in cave. Probably many players would be happy with that... May be it that gc amount and XP grew up exponentially with the harvest level... And by the way, in Ultima Online I certainly can do what we call here AFK harvesting in fact I've found so far one shard that allows it (And there are probably more). They just call it ALT+TABed harvesting (non AFK), for them AFK harvesting is fully automated AFK. I'll make a few questions more to finish clearing information and being 100% sure and then I'll post the URL for the thread where I've asked. Also Landes Eternelles also support it (tough I don't know if count being basically the same as EL). Inclusive, I think they event don't have the standard harvesting events... at least I've reached lvl 18 harvesing with out hitting the first Edit: 5-6 words more XD
  9. Mini Harv Events

    Oh, so you think that other games don't have it because it's so advanced that no one else though about implementing it, huh? No it's just because we think it's a unique feature that distinguish my game from all the crowd and that it had to be valued and protected I'm 100% with that way of thinking Cruella. I've done some marketing along my life and it's a basic principle. Read a bit from Philip Kotler he have some nice marketing books that have helped me What game? Eve? In Eve seems to be able to do it (but I'm not sure) from posts I've read about people from cryptic discussions on forums about how to do it with their high tech ships and ships adds on (tough I don't like space ships games ) but patience, I've asked official sources for confirmation on this... I'm just waiting (hoping to get) an answer. How about doing the same test while actually paying attention to what you harvest? Cause for many people it's just about defend legitimate (non gold farming) semi-AFK harvesting, for me it's irrelevant which is the performance paying attention while I get bored watching the grass grow. It's like defending a way of living in RL Lol, great, I hate a dang gold farmer, let's annoy as many as we can and hope he gets annoyed too Edit: some dumb typos
  10. Mini Harv Events

    Well, I've still have not enough non-AFK time to made a full search, but sure I'll found a few, especially if you keep advising the search And don't you think that Jesus was right when he said that you can't server two masters? Err... may be I have enough neurons to serve both masters? and Jesus didn't know what that meant back then? This is way off topic. But... must... respond..... Hell yes it is harder! My xp/hour (and xp/hour for all ppl around my level of 112 119 AD) went down from 350K/hour to 290K/hour without TS on feros. Still feros, fluffs yesterday were even worse, 255K/hour. MCW rapes me so no option. DCW is similar xp to to Feros, just more dmg. 105 90 or 100 100 with def god is hardly difference. and you're complaining about xp?! Do you have ANY idea of how long it takes for a mixer to make 350k xp (Just what you make in an hour)? Especially if you harvest yourself the ings to try having some profit or don't loose too much money? And you still consider that fighting is much harder than harvesting/mixing? I wish I could make at least 100k/hour harvesting from scratch. And the mini events makes it even worst and more anoying, so that is why it makes non sense for me to keep harvesting. Fighters gets the fun and mixers gets the the boring harvesting, but still I like more harvesting+mixing, cause I could do it AFK/semi-AFK. Sure they favor high level players... but they got compensated (at least a bit) with inclusion of some stuff (Tree Mushrooms, etc). My crafting/manu goals will be now much (but much) more harder than before, supposing I still consider they worth the effort to get to them. XP and gold given by mini-events is 99.99% (just to don't say 100%) useless, no matter if you are a newbie or of you have harvest > 70. I'm just guessing, but at the end of the day I'll finish with 0.01% more experience and 0.01% more gold. Big deal! Or even worst, I'll finish with 30% less value in what I harvested because it took me just too many clicks and more time than before. And about of having having fun playing EL instead of power leveling I come to this (and may get completely wrong, but I'll try). What is your OA? "Segor" seems to be an alt cause of it's stats. So I'm sure you are a completely n00b (which I doubt) and in that case you don't know what are you talking about or you are an already leveled and very mature player so you don't care leveling too much from now on and can just "having fun playing EL instead of power leveling". I sure play for both, to have fun and level. Yes, more content would be very nice. Specially for lower and mid-level players. I think there is a hole in the continuity of many things from low level players to high level players.
  11. Mini Harv Events

    Yes I do. I do most of EL (except for fighting, and I'm not a fighter exactly) while I surf the WEB, work, watch TV or a movie, etc. As I've told before, that is the appealing of the game and that is why I do play EL and I don't play other games like this. I agree that mixing is not completely AFK but "semi AFK"... And that is just half of the work, and less than the half if you consider that a silver bar (just for example) has ~16+6+1+2+2+(food) EMU in ingredients, and there are considerable more quantities of clicks and time invested while harvesting an item than mixing it. So I think it's ~ 4/5 to 3/4 of the time harvesting and the remaining 1/5 to 1/4 mixing for me (at least it's my current subjective view). Now, for me it's acceptable to spend that 1/5-1/4 time mixing non AFK or "semi AFK" and the 4/5 to 3/4 harvesting AFK, but it's not acceptable to spend 4/5 to 3/4 non AFK harvesting. So I'm not able to do non AFK harvest cause as I've stated before and considering the numbers in my previous paragraph I won't spend 12 hours watching the screen every 5 seconds just to harvest enough ingredients to make 2k silver bars, which I will mix in 2 hours. I have friends that play other games and spends hours and hours completely and absolutely focused on the screen clicking like maniacs (I think they are crazy, but there is a difference in the way I play EL)... but for me that's not playing, it's just a waste of time. And for the record, I'm not "bitching" just telling something I really consider important in EL, at least from my point of view. And sadly, I'm beginning to think it's that difference with other games is allowed me to play for so long without getting tired of the game. My two cents Edit the following and typos: Personally feel the same here, and it's not just bitching...
  12. Mini Harv Events

    Count me in with any one of both. Same here. Come on, what are we playing here to? Are we kids? Why is the menace needed for? You want to make a click per resource, well, then do it, no matter how much I like and have enjoyed this game (and I really have) at the end it's just a game, and more than that it's just your game, so you can do what ever you want. But the question is, do you really want to make the game annoying for people? or do you want people to keep playing it? At the long term the more people playing, the better marketing the game will have, and that should represent more profit for you... I think that despite of the game being already a bit unbalanced and hard (prices / profit / fighting with a bone (instead of a sword) to level and god knows what else) making it harder and much difficult to play will not do any good to any one. I'm not a quitter, I really don't want to quit, but that mini-events are very annoying and a lot demoralizing for me, cause as it has been stated before (and not only by me) it hits very hard one of the very important reasons of why I play EL. And I know this has to do with the gold farming and with the shop, and your incomes and that you have to make a living, and I know you probably are mad and worry about it... but I really think there is no need for all this, there should be much better solutions, and many of them have been posted, suggested and discussed already on the forums. It does not makes harvesting more challenging, it makes harvesting more painfully, it makes harvesting more boring, more complicated... especially with the high quantities of ingredients you need to make good levels on the game... should I continue? Guess I'll see you all on Monday, then. Yes, sounds like revenge Guess I'll see you on Monday too, may be I'll be able to see things clearly... Please, people, don't get mad at me, I'm trying to be constructive here, but it's being difficult.
  13. Mini Harv Events

    First of all I don't gold farm, neither I buy gold, nor I sell it, and I would never do it. But lots of my game play experience is based on AFK harvesting, while being at work, or at home watching TV, preparing a meal or doing anything else. There is a reason for that, and it's is that the game needs huge quantities of ingredients to level (And let's not talk about profit), so I really won't play *non* AFK while getting 40k sapphires to level just a bit of crafting (And let's not talk about silver), that would just be completely nuts and non sense for me (and probably for lots of other people). Make ~206 trips to sapphires along 24-30 hours while taking care of making my character harvesting again each 5 seconds and watching the grass grow (as some one stated before) it's not exactly my idea of fun. So I really think it's not that I'm playing the game in the wrong way, I think that the way the game is designed forces me and other people to play exactly that way. And sadly, I think the AFK way of playing is more a good feature than a problem, because I would never dedicate as much as 24-30 game play hours to harvest *non* AFK 40k sapphires, I have hundreds of better things to do *non* AFK than that. But I'm willing to spend the same amount of time and even a bit more to get those ingredients being AFK while doing other RL things. That is one of the appealing of the game, that is in deed one of the reasons of why I still play after more than a year. I can play without being there 100% of the time, just some clicks from time to time, so no big deal or no big waste of RL time at the end. And I can handle a bad astro day when I have normal events each minute, cause I know it's just a bad day... but this is like having a hell day every day. Pr0 idea to do what? Make an already very difficult and unbalanced game even more difficult and unbalanced? I think the following suggestion from Marikei of having one char connected at the same time would be lots of times better than this one: Currently the game is so hard that the only way it's really currently playable for many mixers is harvesting AFK, or any one have any other solution to “harvesting 16k silver ore to get 2k silver bars just to get only a bit of crafting experience later?”. Or It's just an attempt to fix the gc farming problem making live annoying for lots of players? Yes, if we have to stop each 5 seconds harvesting then most recipes should be tuned to need less ingredients and also give more experience. That would be the only way this could make a little sense. Agreed, that will not fix gold farmers problems, that is the worst possible solution to gold farmers ever, the one that affects the more quantity innocent of people possible. I won't, cause my progress in game will be probably 10 times slower than now (and currently I believe it's slow enough), cause as I stated before I won't spend 24-30 hours non AFK just to get 40k sapphires, it makes non sense. And about prices going up... sure, count on it, there is no way I'll sell HEs, SRs and other stuff at the prices I sold them before, I prefer to don't sell or to make some deals with NPCs than to sell at the prices I did before to other players. My two cents. PS: I probably wrote this post a bit acid, so please don't take personally, it's just I'm a bit pissed off with my harvesting being interrupted ~ 100 times just while I wrote this post.
  14. I voted for "Yes" and "Yes" I think this is very important. I've shown the game to many people and one of the first things they ask is "Are there many quests?" and I have to say, "well, not exactly there are a few, but not too many really". I think new players wants (and needs) quests. And I think that new players will stay longer (hopefully long enough to get addicted with the game) if it has more and more interesting quests. Some players don't get interested in the game cause the lack of quests. May be Radu/Roja once said "El will never be a quest game" but the idea is to have a good player base isn't it? It would mean more income for Radu/Roja (At least theoretically)... so may be more quest would help newbies to stay. I think those are important too in the long term... I would really like to play challenging quest that tests my hard earned skills and give nice rewards (and I'm not talking of gc or valuable stuff directly in term of gc). There have been nice ideas for rewards on this thread... for example, finishing some quest would give discounts when buying some things (like wine quests, the sand paper discount would be great), or would give some perks free of pick points and so on... Isnt that the way of life? Everyday somewhere someone does something that some one else doesnt like doing. And they usually get paid for doing it. This would make the quests more interesting... and it's happening right now... if I make the wine quest I can buy wine in bulk I also think that the kind of quest's of make me 100 items of X and bring them there and then make 100 of Y and carry them here are boring, I think there should be a better kind of quests or at least some way to do that kind of quests more interesting. 100% agree with this, specially the part of people making the stuff instead of buying it, and the part of need more than 1 person to do the quest I also agree with the people suggesting some way for players or not server related programmers to be able to help implementing quests. Some XML markup, some script language, or some kind of API, and support for the people to tests their quests in the test server without administrators intervention so that way quest can be written and then once ready reviewed by developers and integrated in main servers. Yes I know as a developer I am that XML or script support is a lot of work and probably there might be to change a lots of things in the server implementation, but I think it will pay off a lot in the long term (if designed carefully). Regards dmi
  15. Adopt a newbie program

    Count on me, whenever I'm on I can help I agree with these: I think the NPC assigning a mentor in an automatic way would be the best, that way people don't have to be on IP catching the newbies. For example the newbie can ask an NPC to give him a mentor, and the NPC can find available mentors on. Also the not more than X (not sure about 2, 3, etc) students at the same time seems a good rule to me (it's quality what matters, not quantity). Also if a newbie does not log in some time (for example, 2 weeks), the player should be assigned to another newbie. Also there is the time zone thing, for example I play around 7:30-11:00pm GMT -4:30 almost every night, so we need to have assigned newbies around that time zone. Also the language is important, I can help people speaking in English and in Spanish