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Crazy recipes and useless pots

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I think such a recipe wouldn't really work...maybe change it from 30 RCs to 5 RCs and 25 White Chanterelle (for its RP/Healing elements).


Anyway it firstly seemed weird that there was no magic ess + BR type of route to making one; the 50GHP one is quite useful esp for those instances and some pk fights (maybe?). But shifting it to 75+ health might cause some inbalance issues as these potions have a quick cooldown and weigh only 1 EMU. These balancing issues should be looked at again (the level req is also a bit low imo).


As more and more uber items are added (+life granting items), the power of GHP and BRs falls even further. Quite sad really.

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how about the potion strength depends on potter's skill?

I'm pretty new to EL and I'm not sure if this would work well... just a thought... Eh, forget it ^^

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