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Selling a nexus (50 Hydro Bars)

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As the title says, I'm selling 50 Hydro bars in one batch.


After 3 days from the time of this post I will accept the best offer I receive of 525k or above. That's 10.5k per bar minimum.


If after 3 days I have not received an offer of at least 525k I will either sell them in bits or use them myself and be selling some armour instead :)


I will accept:

Gold Coins

Steel bars @ 45gc each (up to the full value)

Fire Ess @3gc each (up to 30k FE)

EFE @ 5k Each (up to full value)

S2Es @ 800gc each (up to full value)

Iron ore @ 3gc each (up to 50k ore)



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