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"Sue me first Microsoft"

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Got this in email from one of the mailing lists I'm on today...

Christian at Digital Tipping Point has started an online petition,

challenging Microsoft's claim of infringing patents.

"Welcome to our list of names of people who are challenging Microsoft

to sue them right now to prove that it has valid patent claims against

Free Open Source Software. Remember, it would be helpful if you could

add your email address and your distro, and the purpose for which you

are using GNU/Linux. If you are just using some other Free Open Source

Software, such as OpenOffice.org or Audacity running on Windows,

please let us know that, too. Thanks!"



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MS should put up or shut up, I happen to use MS stuff, but this is wrong. It effects the stock value and therefore the ability to generate operating funds for some of the big contributors to open source. It's clearly a tactic aimed at the pocketbooks of the redhats and oracles of thw world, IANAL but are there any laws against falsely accusing someone of infringement? If there were, someone like the eff could sue for discovery of the "offending code".

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